How Many of These 51 Florida Horses Are Dead?

Florida, as I’ve relayed, is among the worst recordkeeping states. And now with HISA as an excuse, I believe the commission there isn’t even being made aware of all fatalities. The following 51 horses were ambulanced off Florida’s two tracks, Gulfstream and Tampa Bay, in 2022 and have not been heard from since. How many of these are in fact dead?

Frontier Mesa, Jan 5, Tampa Bay
Izshefrosted, Jan 12, Tampa Bay
Yes I’m Evil, Jan 13, Gulfstream
Striking It Lucky, Jan 15, Tampa Bay
Palmach, Jan 21, Gulfstream
Fantastic Kingdom, Feb 2, Gulfstream
Arrivederla, Feb 6, Tampa Bay
Mandorla, Feb 20, Gulfstream
Jagger, Feb 20, Gulfstream
Mr. Edgar, Feb 20, Gulfstream
Miss Lady L, Feb 23, Tampa Bay
Eyokile, Feb 25, Gulfstream
Free Spirit, Feb 25, Tampa Bay
Mrbobby Brightside, Feb 27, Gulfstream
Doctor D J, Mar 2, Tampa Bay
Adrianna’s Rocket, Mar 2, Tampa Bay
Patrick’s Lass, Mar 4, Gulfstream
Mi. Tallawah, Mar 6, Gulfstream
Keepsakekitten, Mar 6, Gulfstream
Ameerah B, Mar 6, Gulfstream
Willoughby Gap, Mar 9, Tampa Bay
Silver Cloud, Mar 11, Gulfstream
Naughty Shirley, Mar 12, Gulfstream
Tamiami, Mar 13, Tampa Bay
My Sarasota Star, Mar 25, Tampa Bay
Unico, Mar 26, Gulfstream
Isaias Dream, Mar 26, Tampa Bay
Jack and Noah, Apr 1, Gulfstream
Princess of Swords, Apr 9, Tampa Bay
Lady Younes, Apr 23, Gulfstream
Dazzling Sunshine, May 7, Tampa Bay
Karatbars, May 14, Gulfstream
First Law, May 26, Gulfstream
Gemonteer, Jun 12, Gulfstream
Chancellor Bay, Jun 18, Gulfstream
Ride Little Girl, Jul 2, Gulfstream
Sir Outlaw, Jul 3, Gulfstream
Imperialist, Jul 16, Gulfstream
Chasing Happiness, Aug 27, Gulfstream
Mutaraafeq, Sep 9, Gulfstream
Code Name Lise, Sep 30, Gulfstream
Justlyrewarded, Oct 2, Gulfstream
Curlin’s Coleen, Nov 18, Gulfstream (though not reported as vanned, “bled”)
Cajun Spice, Nov 25, Tampa Bay
Nippon, Nov 26, Tampa Bay
Moto Moto, Nov 26, Tampa Bay
Meteorito, Dec 1, Gulfstream
Fortunate Friends, Dec 9, Tampa Bay
Urban Heiress, Dec 10, Tampa Bay
Dubai Key, Dec 24, Gulfstream
Karenville, Dec 29, Gulfstream

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  1. I’m going to assume they’re all dead. If not, they suffer from racing injuries that most likely require constant pain-killing medications such as phenylbutazone.
    Some of them may have been forced into a so-called second career as breeding animals.
    Ocala, Florida is the “Horse Capital of the World” and yet these racing industry people are as criminal as criminal can be. They all should be arrested for VIOLATING Animal Welfare Codes.

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