“Hit the Rail Repeatedly” – But His Exploiters Still Cashed In

I’ve been writing a lot recently on the extra level of evil made possible by the industry’s massive corporate welfare. Awash in free cash from casino gaming, tracks are able to pay first through last. So, it doesn’t matter what condition a horse is in before the start nor what happens to him during the race. All that matters is getting him across that line.

Yesterday at Thistledown, in addition to a 32+ lengths back/$122 payout, and in addition to a 39+ lengths back/$1,152 payout, there was this in the 4th race: “Leftlaneoutlaw hit the rail repeatedly soon after the start [and] lost contact with his field.”

“Hit the rail repeatedly, lost contact.” Did the jockey, Luis Gonzalez, think to pull the 3-year-old up? End his day early? Not a chance. Gonzalez got Leftlane, who by the way was being raced for the very first time, to “jog to the wire” – some 51 lengths back. And by doing so, the horse’s other abusers – Bryan Porter, Valerie Shanyfelt – “won” $264.

Vile. Horseracing.

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  1. These abusers of horses epitomize moral depravity. The corporate welfare to this depraved abuse of horses needs to be stopped.
    I have no doubt that these filthy creeps are having fun at what they’re doing. They are criminals who should be arrested for VIOLATING Animal Welfare Codes.

  2. Do you have any info on the kills at the poly tracks, golden gate, turfway, South Africa, presque isle,
    etc. Thanks, Jack.

    • Jack, Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner of this blog to find the State by State Death Reports. The number of horses killed at Golden Gate is 228 as of this writing.

      • That’s 228 known fatalities in the nine year period from 2014 to 2022. There are always more horses that are killed and not recorded for various reasons including the 72-hour rule.

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