2-Year-Old Killed at Los Alamitos Yesterday

The CHRB has confirmed that Thundering Eagle, a “vanned off” in the 8th at Los Alamitos yesterday, is dead. She was two years old. The complicit include owner Steve Burns, trainer Michael Casselman, jockey Jose Nicasio – and all those who support horseracing in any way, be it through betting, attending, or merely watching. No fans, no kills.

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  1. Oh, look. Ol’ Doc Allred is still killing off fillies at his world-renowned slaughter emporium fondly known as Los Alamitos Horse Hell.
    If ever there’s an award for the human who best exemplifies the racing industry’s don’t-give-a-f**k attitude about raced-to-death baby horses, Ol’ Doc will be a slam dunk for the honors. Every single time. (Just doesn’t phase him in the least; no matter how many horses — and jockeys — he cripples and kills.)

    • Old doc is an old man. We have read that once he passes so will his track. That will be a great day for the horses!

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