“Trauma [in Gate], Died” – One of Louisiana’s 17 Kills

Through a FOIA request to the Louisiana State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks thus far this year. Please note, however, that the Commission (as usual) did not forward training or stall deaths. So, obviously, the true toll is greater than the 17 reported below.

Castleberry, Jan 18, Delta R – “[multiple] comminuted, displaced fractures”

Mexican Wonder Boy, Jan 25, Delta R – “compound, comminuted, displaced fracture”

Leroy Jenkins, Feb 17, Fair Grounds R – “[multiple] fractures”

Hunter’s Drive, Feb 18, Fair Grounds R – “[multiple] open fractures”

Teche Solution, Feb 23, Delta R – “open, comminuted fracture” (two years old)

King Tuff, Feb 24, Fair Grounds R – no details given, chart said “went wrong, vanned off”

Afternoon Anejo, Mar 1, Fair Grounds R – “LF fracture”

Mp Flyingwrightbayou, Mar 3, Louisiana R – “open, comminuted fracture” (two years old, very first race)

Lethal Pass, Mar 8, Louisiana R – “trauma [in gate], died” (was to be her very first race)

Bp Certified Wagon, Mar 17, Louisiana R – “skull/spine” (two years old, very first race)

De Train, Mar 18, Louisiana R – “open, severe disarticulation”

Semi Charmed Life, Apr 14, Evangeline R – “[multiple] fractures, suspensory rupture”

Mister Tsunami, Apr 29, Delta R – “acute open fracture” (two years old)

Flyin Jewel, May 4, Delta R – “severe compound fracture” (two years old)

Magic Knight, May 13, Delta R – “open fracture”

Cool Hot Chic, May 27, Evangeline R – “[multiple] open, displaced fractures”

Aztar, Jun 24, Louisiana R – “LF fracture”

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  1. When you read the horrific injuries these poor horses sustained, you’d think they were racing through a live mine field or down the side of a mountain instead of over soft dirt.

  2. Undoubtedly. As telling as the horrific numbers that Patrick is able to capture are, we know that they are yet an incomplete tally of racing related deaths…deaths in the foaling sheds, injuries from the farm, and deaths that occur before the babies get to a trainer should be able to be accounted for, if the industry were truthful. Several years ago my sister sent in an account of the baby Miss D who was disemboweled on a broken post, a letter that was eye opening even for many readers who had knowledge already of horrors associated with racing. ‘ Home’ tracks exist on many farms and there are no regulations. Even if there were, people would do what we see at regulated levels. Lie, distort situations, be as unaccountable as possible. It all needs to go away.

  3. One more death of a horse due to horseracing is one too many. It is time to end this barbaric sport.

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