Peace of Mind Becomes Del Mar’s 7th Victim

The CHRB reports that Peace of Mind died at Del Mar yesterday – “musculoskeletal” is all they’re saying. While the Board is filing this as an “other” (not track-related), it should be noted that the 2-year-old had a timed workout two days prior.

For Del Mar, this is kill #7 on the summer:

Nevisian Sunrise, Jul 27
Ghostem, Jul 29
Episode Five, Jul 29
Mikethedealer, Aug 4
Vagabond Prayer, Aug 19
Pastor T, Aug 26
Peace of Mind, Sep 5

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  1. These are the exploited-by-the-racing-industry-until-prematurely-dead horses that are being admitted to (sort of), but how many yearlings, 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds and so on were purposely taken off of the premises of the racetrack and either killed on purpose or neglected-to-death on purpose over 72 hours after they were deliberately abused within an inch of their lives being cut short at the racetrack by these morally depraved horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing heathens???????????????

    • Wanda, yes, I only became aware recently of the methods you describe. Honestly, for anyone in the industry to tell the press or others that they are “brokenhearted ” when their horse dies is the lowest cynicism – and THAT is what is so heartbreaking! The indifference to a life. And immeasurable cruelty.
      How do you like the name of this extremely young horse? “Peace of Mind”!! Can you ever imagine?

    • Extremely young murdered horse is a fitting description of PEACE OF MIND.
      It’s all very disturbing that the racing industry people can deliberately cause harm and death to their horses and refer to them as their beloved family members. It’s all so sickening.

      • Honestly I thought they were broken hearted until reading the next day stall assigned to new victim and the trainer was drugging the daylights out of his winner that collapsed close to finish and the boo hooing started. That did it. When Cigar died from a surgery to correct his neck issue I cried for 3 days and still cry. So that did it. No more sympathy for any of these pieces of so called love like family humans.

        • It’s a theme that happens over and over again in horseracing. The owners and trainers who are rich enough to “replace” a horse they killed by racing him/her to death will inevitably fill the stall with their next victim.
          It’s their Modus Operandi.
          If any of them ever actually got out of racing (with their actions speaking louder than their words), only then might it be safe to say that they had any real feelings of right and wrong and remorse for the suffering to the horses that they caused by their selfishness and greed.

  2. The first-to-last payout is an abomination, not only because it further encourages the abuse of the animals, since there is no “training” involved – just show up, run around the course, pick up a paycheck – no matter what the poor horse’s condition, hey, no problemo, it’s all paid for by taxpayers. BUT it also cheats the bettors. Now I realize that many of you here do not have the highest opinion of people who bet on horses, but cheating is WRONG – no matter who encourages it, and no matter who suffers from it.

    The first-to-last payouts creates an illusion that ALL the horses entered into the race are fit, sound, and ready to compete. AND perhaps have a chance of winning- at generous odds.


    Seems this game is getting worse every time I look at it. This [former] bettor is glad that he quit for good.

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