8-Year-Old Killed in 48th Race

The 4th at Charles Town last night, in the words of the chartwriter: “Nomo Ron was shuffled back on the chute, suffered a fatal injury leaving the 7/16 pole and had to be euthanized.” This poor boy was eight years old, and this was his 48th time under the whip. He was also “For Sale” – cheap: $4,500 – the day he died. Most recent abusers: owner Robert Snyder, trainer Kristy Gazzier, jockey Victor Rodriguez. Complicit: anyone who placed a bet on any race in America yesterday.

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  1. I think of Charles Town as more or less a dumping ground for what the racing industry people call “cheap” horses. It’s a miscarriage of justice that this place is propped up with taxpayer subsidies.

    Many more horses will die at the hands of these cold-hearted horse abusers unless the subsidies can be legally terminated. If they are legally allowed to just abuse horses to death at this racetrack until they don’t have enough horses to fill the race cards, this hellhole will be killing horses for more years than I can stand to think about.

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