A Kill at Golden Gate

As Golden Gate readies to kick off (today) its (hopefully) final few months of existence, a kill. I’ll Do It for You, says the CHRB, died there Thursday. No details released. She was six and had been raced 37 times, most recently in April. The complicit: Quentin Miller, et al.

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  1. According to a source found online, the real estate value of Golden Gate Fields is said to be worth more than $49 Billion. I feel confident that The Stronach Group will never see that much return if they continued to use it for horse racing and wagering handle. Therefore, I believe they intend to close it for racing as announced.

  2. Will celebrate when this meat grinder closes. Thanks Wanda for researching the value of the property, further proof that is all about the money. RIP I’ll Do It For You!

    • You’re welcome, Lynn. The Stronach Group will “double-down” on their “elite” tracks, Santa Anita Park and San Luis Rey Downs. So it’s logical that they will have slightly larger fields offering more betting opportunities to the gamblers betting on horses as the gambling objects/chips and the carnage will continue at their elite tracks. Hopefully, the national news media will expose more of this continued killing of horses since “elite” tracks are more apt to attract attention from a wider audience. Any national news media coverage of the dreadful carnage of racehorses is a kind of a voice for the horses to a wider audience.
      I’m thinking that when they start having the kind of trainwreck that occurred at Santa Anita Park in 2019, it will help to stop the non-stop carnage a little sooner. It’s a no-brainer that many, many horses are going to be catastrophically injured and killed at these two elite tracks in 2024.

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