Two More Fillies Killed in California

Two kills disclosed today by the CHRB (not sure why they took so long):

Mooneymooneymooney, killed training at San Luis Rey Aug 11. She was three and being prepped for her debut.

Flying Cowgirl 321, injured racing at Los Alamitos Aug 12, euthanized on the 14th. She was two, and this was her 5th time under the whip.

Last year, 64 (that we know about) horses perished at Cal tracks. This year, we’re at 53 (that we know about) – with over four months to go. What’s that about The Golden State leading the way on “reform”?

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  1. “Reform” as in not counting all of the horses they kill on the “official” record by pretending to save them and the 72-hour loophole that makes it easier to get away with the deception that The Stronach Group is famous for and Ed Allred and his crew are right there with them on the killing of horses. As far as I know, there are fewer “cheap” horses to abuse to death, but that isn’t going to stop these die-hard horse-killers from doing their thing.
    Even if some of the horses that are vanned off and not killed immediately were “operated” on, it is highly likely that a lot of those horses could get laminitis, in which case, they are as good as dead already. I don’t think they seriously save many horses that are vanned off with serious injuries, but with the “reform” in place, they don’t go on the official record as killed by racing or training or stall death or other. They’re Missing In Action.

  2. 53 so far … and Santa Anita will be holding Breeders Cup races this year … race tracks … “The Killing Fields”.

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