Exploited and Abused – to Death

Explain was raced four times this year, all at Parx – a track that because of the gift of taxpayer funding is able to pay first-last – and all under trainer Patrick Ashton:

Jan 18: 28+ lengths back, “far behind throughout” – Ashton et al. still took home $250
Feb 1: 11+ lengths back, “lagged far behind” – Ashton et al. still took home $780
Feb 21: 22+ lengths back, “trailed the field” – Ashton et al. still took home $250
Mar 20: 25+ lengths back, “raced off the pace” – Ashton et al. still took home $250

Three weeks later, the now-five-year-old suffered a “sudden death” while training.

Unkoalafied’s “career” began May 12 last year. In 12 total races, she finished 6th or lower 11 times, and a combined 170+ lengths back (almost 15/race). She was, of course, sold multiple times after being “foaled” in Mar 2019, and she was forced to endure transports from NY to PA to FL and back to PA again. On Apr 26 she, too, suffered a “sudden death” training at Parx. She was only four. Some of her abusers over her short, miserable life: Michelle Nevin, James Ryerson, Anthony Perri, Luis Carvajal, Clarence King.

Horse in the Shadows

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  1. Nancy, that depends on what your definition of “investigation” is. I agree with you that there needs to be a real investigation that would bust this corruption wide open for the general public to hear about. It’s extremely unfortunate and disturbing that this is not mainstream news even though the Jockey Club calls this [animal cruelty] the “Sport of Kings” which is a very cruel joke.
    I would like to know if anyone at the Horseracing Integrity and Welfare Unit cares one iota about what they are doing to horses at Parx.

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