More New Mexico Kills

As previously relayed, the recordkeeping in Florida, Nebraska, and New Mexico is without question the worst in the nation. The difference is, the racing commissions in the first two states are, if I’m being charitable, indifferent to my queries/concerns. In contrast, I find the staff in NM to be cordial and, in general, earnest. That is why I keep at it, periodically asking if any new data has come in. Occasionally, this bears fruit.

Here are several more kills at New Mexico tracks last year:

Dean’s Flash, Feb 1, Sunland T – “fractured sesamoid”
Mv Blue Demon, Apr 1, Sunland R – “fractured ankle and knee”
Long Ranger, May 29, Sunray R – “vanned off, euthanized”
Flying for James, Jul 1, Ruidoso R – “flipped in gate, got loose and died”
Apolitical Eagle, Jul 1, Ruidoso R – “fractured fetlock”
Kvn Soul Sister, Jul 22, Ruidoso R – “neck/back”
Pd El Rayo, Oct 1, Albuquerque R – “[multiple] fractures”

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  1. JULY 22 2022: Kvn Soul Sister “neck/back”.
    I cannot imagine how severe an injury that would have to be. So violent!
    No age, nothing else. She “hardly existed” were it not for your recording of her death, Pat! As constantly happens.

  2. Who knows how many horses were abused, brutalized, doped, overexerted, overworked, maimed and killed in New Mexico that didn’t make this list for whatever reason?! As Ken Rudulph revealed, the industry doesn’t want people to “embrace” the carnage in horseracing openly. You would think that the outrageous breakdowns of racehorses on the racetrack would be common knowledge for so many people working in this industry, but it is a big no-no to “embrace the carnage openly” and therefore Ken Rudulph is out.
    So if you think the neverending carnage of racehorses is “okay” just keep it under your hat, see?! Don’t admit to anything openly. Just keep on pretending that racing is safe while horses are dropping to the ground in front of you.

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