Cave Rock Dead; Trainer Baffert Calls It a “Gut Punch”

Cave Rock was euthanized Friday for laminitis. The 3-year-old had been very “successful”: two Grade 1 wins, 2nd in a Breeders’ Cup race, $750K “earnings” over just four races, etc. Because of this, and as it was with Art Collector, who died the day before, Cave’s death is being widely covered and “grieved,” with trainer Bob Baffert calling it a “gut punch.”

The details from the attending vet:

“On July 28, after a routine morning exercise, Cave Rock showed signs of colic while cooling out. He was treated with a tranquilizer and an anti-inflammatory. His vital signs did not improve, so he was sent immediately to SLR Equine Hospital. Upon his arrival, it was determined that he had a congenital Inguinal hernia and the small intestine was lodged into the left side of the scrotum. Cave Rock was taken into surgery immediately. The surgical procedure required the resection of eighteen inches of the small intestine. Recovery was routine and went very well, until signs of laminitis started on day six post-op. Despite very aggressive medical treatments, severe laminitis led to the demise of Cave Rock.”

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  1. They leave out a lot of details when they say stuff like “Despite very aggressive medical treatments, severe laminitis led to the demise of Cave Rock.”
    Just exactly what were those “aggressive medical treatments” that didn’t make any difference whatsoever as to the outcome of this colt’s short life?

  2. Heartbreaking, the “gut punch” to Baffert’s wallet. How much you wanna bet that if you showed him a photo of this horse he wouldn’t even recognize him?

    • Rebecca, remember he didn’t even know Havinameltdown’s name 3 hours after the horse had his horrendous death on the track?

  3. Why do you think there has been a spate of top race horses from top trainers dying suddenly from laminitis?

    • MOST of these “trainers” dont even know what to feed a horse, then they are pumped with copious amounts of steroids, drugs in EVERY FORM- 3+ drugs in their bodies AT ALL TIMES, foundering horses is part of their resumes. I’ve had over 30 horses in my care for 40+ YEARS & couldn’t founder a horse if i tried. this “laminitis” is NOT A NORMAL HAPPENING in ANY EQUINE, it IS MAN MADE. PERIOD. comes from doing the WRONG THING! THEN THEY (the ones who helped create the problem), “vets” & “blacksmiths”) WORSEN the condition they created by shoeing them (when a TRAINED BAREFOOT trimmer could fix this condition 100% of the time) in the COMPLETE BACKWARDS FASHION, then they completely rotate & are dead.

    • The timing of these two colts having laminitis is more of a coincidence than anything else, in my opinion. ART COLLECTOR had an abscess in one hoof and CAVE ROCK had a hernia and surgery. They both contracted laminitis after being treated for their other affliction to the best of my knowledge.

  4. baffert the BUTCHER – how ANY human being gives this horse KILLER an animal to ‘train’???? shows his owners moral characters also- (he has probably well over 300 horses IN ACTIVE TRAINING), we KNOW his numbers are LIES from this satan-like horse killer “trainer”?????) , i doubt it, when you have HUNDREDS of the most royally bred RACERS ( & make NO DOUBT- THESE THOROUGHBRED ANIMALS LOVE to & ARE BORN TO RUN) in the world, a FEW ARE going to pop a few big wins, its a numbers game, hes got the NUMBERS – he doesnt EVER SEE most of them, just sets them ALL on the rail ( fast breezes) EVERY 4 DAYS (machines to him) & he brakes them down in HORRIFYING, MIND BLOWING NUMBERS. this is nothing new to him, been a horse KILLER for many many DECADES and he whines at his latest suspensions which are slaps to this MONSTER IN ANY HORSES EYES-

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