In Harness Racing, “Failure to Be Properly Dressed” Is Equivalent to “Kicking a Horse”

Recent rulings from the world of harness racing…

Northfield, Jul 31: “While driving Louie Osborne, Logan Ebersole whipped the horse excessively during the final half. Mr. Ebersole is hereby fined $500. The penalty will be reduced to a fine of $300 if not appealed.”

Scioto, Aug 4: “While driving Smoking Jet during the stretch…Chris Page did use the whip excessively by not giving the horse time to respond to a previous application of the whip. Mr. Page is fined $500, or $300 if not appealed.”

Ocean, Aug 6: “Driver Rick Murphy is fined $100 for excessive use of the whip while driving Trust Fund Baby.”

Then, under “Minor Penalties,” along with things like “Failure to Be Properly Dressed”:

Northfield, Jul 31: Jason Thompson was fined $750 for “kicking a horse.”

This, too, is horseracing.

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  1. There needs to be undercover videos of these vile drivers kicking the horses. ABC NEWS, CBS NEWS, NBC NEWS & FOX NEWS ought to be reporting on this vile abuse of horses by these vile people.

    • That includes all of the whipping and excessive whipping. All of these vile horse abusing people must be exposed to the public and the public needs to know that this cruelty to horses is being propped up with the casino subsidies.

    • Corporate media won’t touch this but independent journalists at Pro Publica or Frontline (PBS) might.

      • I understand that except I have high hopes that someday that could change about what national news media will cover when it comes to issues regarding Animal Welfare & Animal Cruelty especially horses and in particular Standardbreds in addition to Thoroughbreds. There is horrendous and widespread abuse of Quarter Horses that also gets no national media coverage.

  2. But wait, whips don’t hurt horses, so why are these a**holes being fined for excessive use?
    Kinda goes against their own narrative, doesn’t it?

  3. Corporate media has the power to expose horse cruelty. So I’ll stay hopeful because viewers want to be informed. When I pursued a case of horse fraud, a local TV station reported it. Independent media such as The Guardian covers horse abuse and welfare but readership isn’t nearly as great as TV viewership.

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