#11 at Saratoga: 3-Year-Old Wisecraken Killed Today

In the just-completed 5th at Saratoga, 3-year-old Wisecraken, said the chart, “was hustled from the gate…was asked on the far turn, suffered an injury to his right hind leg near the 5/16 pole and was pulled up then vanned off.” In fact, I can confirm, he is dead – the 11th kill at Saratoga this summer. Some sport, huh?

Kaon, May 26 – “yet-to-be-raced horse euthanized”
Ami’s Curlin, Jun 10 – “laminitis in all four feet, euthanized”
Frigid Lady, Jul 15 – “broke RF leg, euthanized”
Winter Son, Jul 20 – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Blame It On Mary, Jul 23 – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Lawful, Aug 2 – “suffered injury, euthanized”
Sopran Basilea, Aug 3 – “injured on gallop-out, euthanized on course”
Maple Leaf Mel, Aug 5 – “fell, euthanized on track”
Closed Caption, Aug 6 – “pulled up, vanned off, euthanized”
Ever Summer, Aug 6 – “fell, euthanized on course”
Wisecraken, Aug 16 – “suffered injury, vanned off, euthanized”

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  1. Think it’s probably past time for the real sports and news media to refer to Saratoga as “beleaguered,” like they’ve done with Churchill Downs, Santa Anita, et al.
    We know the racing press, in their super-journalistic glory, will shy away from this characterization for as long as possible. And same with HISA and The Jockey Clubbers. But I’m sure the public is every bit as horrified by the Saratoga Eleven — and counting — as we were with the Churchill Twelve.
    Any chance poor Wisecraken will be the one who forces early closure of this death meet?

  2. I just got the replay before the cowards say this race is unavailable. He was leading all the way around.

    The back rear leg went and he kept running. Very very sad. Another gorgeous animal betrayed by this barbaric sport. And I may add the Steeplechase hasn’t been run on the Wednesday designated day. They were probably petrified of another accident. Guess what people…you can add another statistic to your high-flulooting venue.

  3. Kelly, saratoga was ALWAYS overrated! Said, no one ever…I have a super fast horse(baby2yr old), I think I’ll take him to ny. NO, if you have that….you go to California and Bob.Just shut this sh**show down. Horses DON’T deserve this.

  4. This exploitation of horses before they have a chance to mature and be fully developed physically is one of the major fundamental flaws of this industry. There is no “governing body” within the racing industry that is going to even think about changing this major fundamental flaw. The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority and the Horseracing Integrity and Welfare Unit cannot and will not change this fundamental flaw. Horses exploited for racing and wagering handle are doomed, some sooner and some later.

  5. I do NOT sense enough outrage over all the killings stupid ass ny does. Where is the outrage from all these supposed animal lovers?

    • I think their game plan is to downplay the killings as much as possible. To have outrage spilling all over the place would make that a little more difficult. Pro-racing people act like they think its socially acceptable to put on the display of “thoughts and prayers” and “the horse loved to run” and more lines from the playbook of industry lies as if that will appease the gods, so to speak. It’s then back to Business As Usual.
      There will be more horses breaking down in Grade One races, and as long as they are televised on a national network you know it might get some attention from CBS, ABC and NBC. I don’t watch the races on FOX except I happened to see that FOX was televising Saratoga Saturday a few weekends ago.

  6. Beginning with breeding and all that that encompasses, the laundry list of abuse is unconscionable, irresponsible and all about moneymaking 😡 bottom line !!
    You BET-They DIE 🚫🏇🏽🚫

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