10 Kills at Wyoming Tracks Thus Far

Through a FOIA request to the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. Please note that multiple horses were killed on multiple days – three on Jun 17, two on Jul 8. Good, clean family fun.

Bds Got a Rogue One, Jun 3, Wyoming R – “fractured cannon past wire”

Edelstein, Jun 10, Energy R – “fractured cannon right before wire”

Pappies Sue, Jun 17, Wyoming R – “fractured shoulder” (two years old, first race)

Die Antwoord, Jun 17, Wyoming R – “broke back” (two years old, first race)

Rip Stone, Jun 17, Wyoming R – “fractured shoulder” (two years old, second race)

Black Dot Dan, Jul 1, Wyoming R – “fractured shoulder” (two years old, second race)

A Flashin Cartel, Jul 8, Wyoming R – “fractured shoulder” (two years old, second race)

Tw Triffle Volcom, Jul 8, Wyoming R – “head injury in gate”

Shweet Persuasion, Jul 15, Wyoming R – “fractured fetlock” (nine years old, 65th race)

Luckyginger, Jul 16, Wyoming R – “fractured both front [limbs]” (three years old, first race)

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  1. Luckyginger’s chart reads, “raced greenly”, which usually means she was running erratically. (And no mention of her breaking down!)
    I guess that happens when both front legs are shattered! Scumbags

  2. Five 2yr ofd horses killed in their first or second start. Four with fractured shoulders and one with a broken back!
    These cowboys are beyond rough on their young horses!!
    Outrageous carnage, Wyoming!!

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