Another Kill at Del Mar; Death at San Luis Rey Too

Two kills over the weekend in California…

Saturday morning, Loyal to a Fault was felled training at San Luis Rey. She was three years old. Complicit in the kill: Reddam Racing, Doug O’Neill.

Same day, Episode Five was euthanized for an injury sustained in the 3rd race at Del Mar one week earlier. Episode was just two, and this was his second ever race. Complicit in the kill: Arnold Hill, William Branch, Luis Mendez.

This is horseracing.

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  1. We were out protesting at Del Mar this last weekend and were badly harassed by Tyler Cerin, Vladimir Cerin’s son who is a horse physical therapist 🙄 He likes to tell race goers we are all paid by PETA, which we are not.

  2. I am really fed up of these racing people and their ” it’s all in the game” and ” he died doing what he loved” comments. It’s sickening. First, this isn’t a game for the horses and secondly, I’m sure the horses aren’t in love with the life they must lead. Of course the other phrase..the barn won’t be the same without him. No it won’t until you fill the empty stall with your next victim

    • The horses died doing what the human participants in this abusive industry forced them to do over and over until the horses’ bodies could not overcome the overwhelming demands that the human participants forced upon them. IF ONLY these people could be ordered to do so by a higher authority than themselves to take the place of the horses and be the disposable gambling chips in this so-called game (instead of the horses), it would not be a freaking game anymore.
      If these humans had to be kept by a higher authority in small cells (against their wills) as prisoners (which is how these horses are kept), and then be shocked and whipped on a daily basis, they would not enjoy it.
      They would be screaming instead of the whining that they do now; the whining that they can’t continue to do whatever the hell they want all day, everyday without answering to someone.
      If they have to lie to justify their abusive maiming and killings of racehorses, that is what they’ll do. If they have to blame anyone, even God, that’s what they’ll do.
      There is nothing honorable in abusing horses, injuring them, maiming them and killing them. There is nothing honorable in lying to save face for their despicable misdeeds. If they were not morally depraved people, they would have enough sense to be ashamed of their own willful actions and misdeeds. They would walk away from this abusive exploitation of horses.

  3. Doug and his sidekick Reddam still abusing and killing their horses all these years!
    I wonder how the horse they sold to Japan, I’ll Have Another, is doing? Considering how these guys love their horses there must be a return clause in place?!!

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