“Left Numerous Visible Welts” – Suspended for Just 5 Days

The latest batch of rulings at harness tracks…

“On Jul 22 in Ohio, Andre Nared, scheduled to drive [on both] the afternoon and evening cards, tested at a level of .093 in the breathalyzer. Mr. Nared was informed that he would be replaced on both of his drives and…fined $500. The fine will be reduced to $300 if he does not appeal.”

“Tom Jackson failed the breathalyzer test Jul 29 at Pocono. He is suspended from driving for 10 days and fined $750.”

“Justin Griffith is suspended from driving for seven days for failing the breathalyzer test prior to the Jul 30 program at Ocean.”

Drunk horse drivers.

And then the whipping…

“While driving at the Meadowlands Jun 17, Matt Zuccarello [left] numerous visible welts on the horse which were observed by the State Vet following the race. Mr. Zuccarello is hereby issued a suspension of five days and fined $500.” “Numerous welts” – five days.

“On Jul 23 at Plainridge, David Miller did use his whip excessively and without a pause through the stretch. Mr. Miller is hereby fined $500 and is suspended for one day.”

“On Jul 23 at Plainridge, Austin Siegelman did leave welts on his horse. Mr. Siegelman is hereby fined the sum of $300.” Welts – no suspension.

“Drew Neill used his whip in an excessive way after the finish at Bowling Green on Jul 30. Mr. Neill is fined $500 or $300 if not appealed.” Whipped after the finish.

And under “Minor Penalties” (along with things like “smoking” and “talking on the track”):

Yonkers, Jul 8: Shaun Vallee fined $100 for “kicking a horse.”

Yonkers, Jul 13: Patrick Ryder fined $100 for “kicking a horse.”

Running Aces, Jul 23: Brad Irvine fined $200 for “kicking a horse.”

Running Aces, Jul 25: Luke Plano fined $1,000 for “kicking a horse.”

Tioga, Jul 29: Frederick Bourgault fined $100 for “kicking a horse.”

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  1. What category would these people come under in harness racing? Are these the “good actors” in harness racing if judged by their peers?
    As despicable and unacceptable as their behavior is, where do they fit in the whole scheme of things in harness racing?
    There are some freeze branded Standardbreds listed on the website of the Bowie Texas Livestock Barn under O’Dwyer Horses. They are nice, docile horses that if someone has the wherewithal to provide for them, it would be awesome! The man showing them in the videos rides some of the horses bareback with only the halter and lead rope; no bridle, no bit.

  2. The money from these fines should be donated to the Standardbred Foundation. They bail a lot of horses from the kill pens.
    These sadists sure like to kick and whip the horses and they get away with their brutish behavior. A nominal fine and a day or so suspension is ridiculous!

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