25 “Athletes” Killed in West Virginia

Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s two tracks thus far this year. As usual, the Commission did not forward any training or stall deaths for Mountaineer – so this is surely incomplete.

Awesome Charge, Jan 2, Charles Town T – “sesamoid fracture”
Spenny Denny, Jan 7, Charles Town T – “scapula fracture” (being prepped for debut)
Brick Alley, Jan 11, Charles Town S – “heart attack” (two years old)
Little O Little E, Jan 11, Charles Town R (euth Mar 21) – “bowed tendon”
Cosmic Rewind, Jan 13, Charles Town R – “multiple fractures”
Natural Sonde, Feb 1, Charles Town T – “multiple fractures”
Merci Road, Feb 11, Charles Town R – “MCIII fracture”
Friendly Fella, Feb 22, Charles Town R – “pastern fracture”
Spinish, Feb 24, Charles Town T – “condylar fracture”
Shy Bella, Mar 16, Charles Town R – “MCIII fracture”
Xposed Secret, Mar 23, Charles Town R (euth Mar 24) – “condylar fracture”
Hair of the Dog, Apr 1, Charles Town R – “fetlock fracture”
Bee Bop It, Apr 2, Charles Town T – “shoulder fracture” (being prepped for debut)
Jammin Jimtown, Apr 18, Charles Town T – “condylar fracture”
Big Valentina, May 6, Charles Town T – “femur fracture” (being prepped for debut)
Mon Paradis, May 9, Mountaineer R – “[multiple] fractures, rupture”
Rocket’s Castle, May 11, Charles Town R (euth May 12) – “carpus fracture”
Charm City Band, May 12, Charles Town T (euth May 17) – “carpus fracture”
Gatto Marrone, May 14, Mountaineer R – “collapsed, died: pulmonary hemorrhage”
Acasha’s Intuition, May 25, Charles Town R – “MCIII fracture”
One Night Mike, Jun 2, Charles Town T – “pastern fracture”
Trinni Summer, Jun 6, Mountaineer R – “fetlock fracture/luxation”
Star Rider, Jun 18, Mountaineer R – “skull fracture”
Majestic Seas, Jun 18, Mountaineer R – “fetlock fracture/luxation”
Bailey Coffee, Jun 25, Mountaineer R – “hit rail, ruptured ligament”

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  1. Twenty-five more horses killed by racing is twenty-five more obvious reasons to protest horse racing and killing!
    The government subsidies and government-directed benefits including tax write-offs and tax exemptions that support this egregious abuse and brutality against horses must be stopped. The people in this industry should not be rewarded, instead they deserve serious punishment.

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