Just Another “Incident”: Brick Town Dead at Delaware

In the 8th at Delaware Thursday, said the chartwriter, “Brick Town took a bad step, was injured” and eventually “vanned off.” In fact, I have confirmed through the Dept. of Agriculture, the 4-year-old was “euthanized in the barn area.” Dead. The stewards added: “No other horses were affected by the incident [with] no change to the original order of finish.” Isn’t it swell that the “incident” didn’t affect the payouts? Vile.

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  1. I think it’s a no-brainer that the incident of BRICK TOWN will not only not affect the order of finish or the Pari-mutuel betting payouts, but also will not affect the way they do business at this racetrack in Delaware or any other racetrack.
    The top priority of horseracing is the financial gain to be made from the exploitation of the horses as gambling objects. The well-being of the horses is secondary to the money. Keeping the horses safe and protected from harm is more like an afterthought.

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