A Fall at Delta

3-year-old Real Is Rare going down at Delta last night. I am working on his status.

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  1. The announcer says he stumbled. That didn’t look like a stumble to me. A horse can stumble at a walk in the front; I didn’t see a stumble in either one of the horse’s front legs. I saw his hindquarters give out because he suffered something broken in his right hind limb and possibly the fracture or fractures extended to his pelvis or spine as well. He went down in his hindquarters and was not able to get back on his feet. That was cruelty to the max.

    • They’re not going to spend the money on him so he can live happily ever after at the farm like DOMESTIC SPENDING supposedly does, and I have not seen any new articles in the racing press to show off what a wonderful life he is allegedly living. This gut-wrenchingly cruel industry must be exposed to the masses.

  2. I would guess broken pelvis or spine. How could that jockey just stand there and watch that poor horse struggle to stand up and not be able to?? How heartless can these people be?? I’m sure he just shrugged it off and was ready to hop on the next one.

    • Marie, it truly is a wonder, isn’t it, how they accept what the horses suffer. Well, I think it goes like this: Remember Bill Cosby and his wife Camille? How could she, knowing what he was like and did, stay with him? I read a psychological article which helped me understand. They get softened. Over time. At first it’s a little suffering they see and well, that’s temporary and OK, although “unfortunate”. Then they see more suffering imposed on the horse. It is not THAT bad so they learn to live with it and see it as almost “normal”, then it “is” normal to them. Little by little, inch by inch. That is how whites tolerated seeing enslaved humans suffer. A little at a time it was accepted as “necessary” and “normal”. Something like that, I think.

  3. When Armsrunner and Lasardane went down the jockeys took the saddles and both walked off. Armsrunner with broken leg was running over to him. He was looking for some help from somewhere.
    Saddest thing I’ve ever seen.Lasardane lived to race again. Armsrunner..no. No empathy or sympathy.

    • So many times it has been proven that racing is not safe. Safe racing does not exist. It’s painfully obvious that Senator Feinstein isn’t able to function at 100% capacity but she is asking questions of Belinda Stronach about the closing of Golden Gate Fields and what their plans are for the employees there, if they will employ them somewhere else, as well as other concerns she has regarding the closing. This is repulsive to me, but she gives credit to the Stronachs for their efforts to make racing safe in California according to the article. I just have to shake my head.
      There are too many dead racehorses whose lives have been cut extremely short due to the outrageously abusive nature of horse racing for it to be called “safe” in any honest way.

  4. Thank you for the comment and news (that I had not heard) on Sen. Feinstein and her concern for the employees. IT MAKES ME SICK. Why could she not know or care that so many horses died at Golden Gate and thank God it is closed? This is the typical response of the typical American. Answering my own question: Because they don’t (a) know that horses die on the track (maybe she does?) and (b) certainly don’t know how many and the exquisite suffering entailed. Finally, they don’t know that you aren’t supposed to employ human beings on the sacrificial backs of animals. Oh, that takes advanced thinking, I guess. (The lobbyists are good at their propaganda campaigns in state legislatures.)

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