“Observed on video striking a prone horse with a line multiple times about the head and body.”

Recent rulings from the world of harness racing. No suspensions unless noted.

Driver Aaron Robert Byron was fined $100 for “kicking a horse” at Tioga Jun 16.

Driver Luke Hanners was fined $250 and suspended 1 day for “kicking a horse” at Saratoga Jun 19.

Driver Yannick Gingras was fined $200 for “racing a horse in an unfit condition” at Pocono Jun 25.

Driver Michael Micallef was fined $350 for “kicking a horse” at Scioto Jul 1.

Driver Yannick Gingras (yes, again) was fined $100 for “kicking a horse” at Yonkers Jul 3.

For context, consider that the above were filed under “Minor Penalties.” Under “Major Penalties” – with fines of up to $1,000 – were things like “offensive/profane language” and “improper conduct [toward] an official.” They sure do have their priorities straight.

Then this from Indiana:

“While in the barn area of Hoosier Park on the morning of June 1, licensee Dale Hiteman was observed on video striking a prone horse [Princess LAA] with a line multiple times about the head and body. After reviewing the video and considering Mr. Hiteman’s actions and testimony, the judges have determined the following penalties: $1,500 fine; 30-day suspension; probation for remainder of 2023 meet.”

Caught on video committing a heinous act of animal cruelty (the Commission even called it that) – and in just a month’s time this scumbag (pictured below) will be back plying his trade. Justice, according to the U.S. horseracing industry.

(I have placed a FOIA for the video. Will update.)

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  1. All of the above incidents are reasons why horse-torturing and racing must be banned.

    What kind of a set-up do they have at Pocono that allows a “person” who is in this case the driver named Yannick Gingras to race a horse that is UNFIT TO RACE?
    Where were the stewards, the commissioners, the veterinarians when this horse described as “UNFIT TO RACE” was allowed to race?
    Were they asleep? Were they “too busy” to do the job they are being paid to do?
    Every single one of the people involved in this abuse of horses should be punished by law and that includes the arrogant and incompetent racing “Stewards/Commissioners” involved in this egregious cruelty to horses!

    Those people who defend racing that like to say “oh, well, you know, there are just bad actors in horse racing” should be “banding together” and demanding that this YANNICK GINGRAS (driver, horse-abuser and horse-torturer) be banned completely from their so-called sport.
    It’s painfully obvious that this Yannick Gingras is a bad actor! Why is he still allowed to participate in this industry at all? Where are these so-called “Good Guys” of horse racing? Why are they not protesting him being involved???
    Could it be that THERE ARE NO “Good Guys” in this egregiously cruel so-called sport???
    The most obvious conclusion is that anyone participating in this industry is not a “good” guy or a “good” gal.

  2. I once thought that harness racing was the lesser of 2 evils. Boy was I wrong,

    • Funny Cide earned $3,529,412, which is the only way he got to retire from being raced. He was also a gelding, which means that, at least the money grubbers weren’t keeping him on, to earn lucrative stud fees.

  3. Patrick, I definitely have more questions about the horse being in a “prone” position and being beaten by the scumbag driver who was caught on video; I’m definitely waiting for the update on your FOIA request for the video of scumbag Dale Hiteman beating a horse in a prone position.

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