Bingo’s Girl Confirmed Killed at Monmouth

Two horses went down in the 4th race at Monmouth Jul 2 – at least one is now dead. Momma Kim, the official chart read, fell after “clipping heels”; Bingo’s Girl “then fell over [her] fallen rival.” The latter, I have learned, was euthanized several days later. She was two years old; ’twas her third time under the whip. The complicit: breeder Baron Thoroughbreds, owner Bingo Racing, trainer Jose Delgado.

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  1. This is SICKENING…Bingo’s Girl did not want to race,she was clearly telling them before the race. People are evil, animals are innocent!

  2. Everything about this incident involving BINGO’S GIRL is egregiously wrong!
    This morally depraved abuse of horses is the Modus Operandi of “the racing people” including the STEWARDS, the RACING COMMISSIONERS, the VETERINARIANS, the RACETRACK OWNERS, OPERATORS, and the STAFF putting their time in for a paycheck as well as the BREEDERS, OWNERS, TRAINERS and JOCKEYS.
    There are plenty of other types of businesses and professions that pay people to work for a paycheck.

    This constant daily routine cruelty and ABUSE of horses that inevitably causes death to thousands of Thoroughbreds and other racing breeds should be punished severely! Of course, there are untold numbers of horses that we will never know about because this industry doesn’t necessarily document every colt, filly, mare, gelding or stallion that is a casualty of the racing industry.

    Does anyone who supports horseracing really believe that a pregnant Thoroughbred mare with or without a foal at side sold to a “feedlot” owner, also known as a killbuyer, is being treated like Royalty? Give me a break from your vomit-worthy swill.

    Plymouth, Michigan
    Northville Downs was the last horse track in Michigan. Now township officials want to permit a brand new horse track build.
    Officials say they want to make it a “family friendly” place.
    What is family friendly about a cruel sport that condones horse abuse and the death of horses (collateral damage) for fun and entertainment?
    Please share the link — for the horses.
    The new track will be the only race track in Michigan.
    Please speak up for race horses.
    Stop the abuse and cruelty.

    • Under Number 2, it mentions that the race track will be built near a landfill.
      It doesn’t say anything about the convenience of disposal of dead horses, but you know it begs the question: Is that choice of locations one of the reasons why they want to build the race track in that particular location???

    • If at all possible stop this gamboling venue! We have seen the terrible effects of the state allowed lottery gamboling games allowed & permitted by a vote of the people many years ago here in Oregon. The lottery & its video games are the #2 revenue source for my state following only by a close 1st to our income tax. The historical racing machines are just a form of video slot machines & are very addictive to many people.For the record we made the mistake of voting for the lottery for its so called ” Economic Development”. It has now turned into a huge bureaucratic state agency with many tentacles!

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