“Found Dead Early This Morning” – Two Years Old

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on some of that state’s kills this year.

In My Heart, Jan 1, Los Alamitos R
“Catastrophic fetlock breakdown: [multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures.” Also: “palmar osteochondral disease [both front limbs]; stomach ulceration.” IMH was four years old.

Tap Union, Jan 7, Golden Gate S
“Gastric rupture.” Tap Union was three years old and had been raced five times.

Big Future, Jan 8, Los Alamitos T
“Catastrophic scapular fracture – complete, comminuted; severe hemorrhage.” Also: “palmar osteochondral disease [both front limbs]; stomach ulceration.” Big Future was two years old and was being prepped for his debut.

Big Laugh, Feb 22, Golden Gate S
“Found dead early this morning – perforating ulcer in the ileum, which resulted in septicemia.” Big Laugh was two years old and was being prepped for her debut.

Autism Ability, Apr 2, Los Alamitos R
“Fell in turn, bleeding from nose – died immediately.” Also: “stomach ulceration, gastritis.” Autism Ability was five years old.

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  1. Here we go again…
    Thanks to the horse racing people and all involved..use..abuse..and destroy..
    That’s their motto!

  2. BIG FUTURE, a colt, and BIG LAUGH, a filly, both 2-year-olds, should not even be at a race track or expected to perform as though they were fully matured adult horses.
    BASIC NO-BRAINER HORSEMANSHIP dictates that as a person with the responsibility of caring for horses, you don’t demand long yearlings and 2-year-olds to carry 100+ pounds and run at a full gallop even one time, let alone day after day to get them “prepped” for a race against other horses.
    What these people do to horses is utterly demented and degenerate behavior for any human being to engage in ever!
    None of these horses deserved the abusive, barbaric, cruel and inhumane treatment that their human connections dished out to them.
    End Horse Racing Now! These people deserve severe penalties and punishments that they won’t soon forget! Kill the funding to these atrocities.

  3. Horses suffer horrifically from degenerate vicious vile people who are only interested in getting every last cent out of their suffering

  4. Severe gastrointestinal disease and no treatment for these unfortunate horses. And on top of this suffering they are forced to train and race with diseased joints. Everybody in this business is complicit in this animal cruelty.
    And I find the veterinarians in this business unbelievably callous. They are really guilty of a form of malpractice by just closing their eyes to so much animal abuse, neglect and and outright cruelty.

    • Rose, I completely agree with you about the veterinarians in this egregiously cruel industry being guilty of some form of malpractice.
      However, it is even worse for the horses exploited for unregulated racing where there are no veterinarians. In an undercover video, jockeys were injecting illegal drugs into the horses’ necks just before being raced. The deceased racehorses that died on the racetrack were dragged off the track by the big John Deere tractor.

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