A Nasty (Aren’t They All?) Fall at Parx

Among several “incidents” on U.S. tracks yesterday, was the following at Parx. Mischievous Jones, says the chart, “fell,” as you will see. There is some question as to whether the 4-year-old was “vanned off,” but regardless…

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  1. Jessica Paquette, who claims to be a horse lover, couldn’t have announced that with any less emotion.
    I have heard many racing fans complain that she stinks as a race caller anyhow. Yep, she does.

    • They are running these poor horses in extreme heat. It’s a miracle most of them have not collapsed from lack of water. Is the horse above ok or is he another sacrifice?

  2. The local nightly news should cover this and show these videos. After all, the public should know how
    their tax dollars are being used.

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