Psycho Dar Dead at Pleasanton

Psycho Dar, a “took a bad step, pulled up, vanned off” in the 7th at Pleasanton Saturday, is dead, as confirmed by the CHRB. He was eight years old; this was his 44th race. He is the 3rd kill at the ultra-short (less than a month) Pleasanton meet, and 40th at all Cal tracks.

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  1. Sounds like the CHRB really didn’t want to have to admit to seven horse kills in seven days. Guess they figure seven kills in eight days sounds so much, um…safer(?).
    Still, good on them for publishing this one for poor Psycho Dar; his connections could have easily avoided the exposure — by using the “off-track-property” exclusion that’s kept untold numbers of dead California racehorses out of the public eye.
    Keep up those wildly effective “horse safety” efforts, CHRB!

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