3 More Kills in California, Including 2 in Back-to-Back Days at Santa Anita

From the CHRB:

6-year-old Twentyseventrouts was euthanized after falling in the 3rd at Los Alamitos Sunday. Trainer, Milton Pineda. Also Sunday, 4-year-old Classic Coyne was felled training at Santa Anita. Trainer, Antonio Garcia. (This one was probably a sudden death, as it has been filed under “non-musculoskeletal.”) The day before, also while training at SA, it was Animae. She was two and being prepped for her debut. Trainer, Daniel Blacker.

Three more kills in California, including ones in back-to-back days at the self-styled “safest track in North America.”

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  1. thehot steamy weather here in nmid dayy nj pa can kill horses forced to race as well. it is hot steamy weathr in

  2. Is this an indirect, inhumane way to get horses in to the slaughter houses for the meat trade?
    Animals killed with euthanasia solution are not allowed into the food chain so what method of euthanasia is being used?
    If these same kinds of immature horse deaths happened to young children in sports impacted by heat and humidity and hard training / racing, it would be felony abuse and cruelty.
    Breeding horses for racing is a moot point. The horse deaths ARE the problem.

    • The United States Department of Agriculture tags and microchips live horses before they are shipped to the slaughterhouses. The slaughterhouse personnel kill live horses and immediately afterwards the horses are hung upside down. It’s not pretty.
      The bigger the foal crop numbers, the more live horses will be eventually shipped to slaughter.

  3. Happy Independence Day to everyone at Horseracing Wrongs!
    And happy belated birthday to the upstanding folks at the absurdly-titled HISA, who now have a full year under their top-secret undergarment belts of hiding dead thoroughbreds for the racing industry. (Thank goodness they’re not being forced to release their actual death count to the public;)
    Oh, and happy, um…massacre month(?) to the high-integrity CHRB, even though they’re too busy congratulating themselves on all that super-safe California safety to notice their own ongoing equine bloodbath.

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