Horror at Saratoga Harness

According to the chart, Mikibytheseaside and Odds On Blockchain were “DNFs” (did not finish) in the 10th at Saratoga Harness Saturday. That’s it. According to the Gaming Commission, this was but an “accident/collision” – nothing more (i.e., no deaths). While it’s possible that both horses survived, I sincerely doubt it (see this on other NY irregularities this year). While watching, note how the “Winner’s Circle” – with children – carried on as if nothing had happened…

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  1. I have taught horses to harness. I never used blinders or blinkers. I always wanted the horse to have minimal equipment on him or her. Many times I didn’t even use a bit or bridle, just a halter. I wanted the horse to see me behind him or her and wanted to be able to communicate with more then reins or voice. Always disliked all the equipment used on harness racing horses.

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