Breaking News: No Deaths at Ellis After Six – Yes, Six – Days

The title of a BloodHorse article yesterday: “KHRC Vet: No Fatalities at Ellis Park After Six Days.” Imagine that. Six whole days, no dead horses – this is what qualifies as news, something, apparently, to be celebrated in the horseracing world these days. By the way, including the recent disclosure of a fourth death at Keeneland in April, the toll in Kentucky stands at (at least) 22 on the year.

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  1. And that really says something about horse racing, doesn’t it? They have to blow their own horn that they haven’t killed a horse at Ellis Park in 6 days. Are you kidding me? 6 days…? You racing people have not killed a horse at Ellis Park in six whole days. Are we supposed to be impressed?
    What other “sport” has to “boast” that they have not killed an “athlete” in six days??? (I know calling it a “sport” is highly offensive, but that’s what these die-hard horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killers call this gambling racket.)

  2. I don’t buy it. Unless they’re not counting stall or training deaths.

    • In my experience, Rebecca, when a horse breaks down with a lethal catastrophic injury during a race only then is the notorious horseracing industry forced to publicly disclose the death. So many deaths behind the scenes which the industry skilfully keeps under wraps, however, the truth finds its way eventually. Thankfully to Patrick and his fabulous dedicated team at Horseracing Wrongs the industry is being shown for what it really is about.

  3. I guess it is something to be celebrated when across the country a horse is killed just about every day.

  4. I believe that these owners of the poor horses who are abused and dying during their participation in the races) are very evil people and do not really care about their horses. If I owned a horse, I would treat it as a family member and never allow it to participate in these horrible horseracing rackets.

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