Dead in California: Brody, Valiancer

Two new kills from California:

Brody, says the CHRB, perished at Los Alamitos Saturday from what they’re calling an “accident.” He had just turned two, and was being prepped for his first race.

Next day at Santa Anita, it was Valiancer – cause “pending.” The 3-year-old had been raced 12 times overall; his five races this year were all at SA.

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  1. Q. Why did the California Horse Racing Board admit to these two colts being killed when their “safety” policy is to hide as many deaths of horses as possible?
    A. Evidently, the injuries to the horses were so critical that the human participants were not able to prolong the pain and suffering inflicted on the colts by hauling them off the racetrack grounds in order to say that they were not fatally injured and killed by racing and/or training.
    I can only wonder how many other young and underdeveloped colts and fillies were injured by training and racing in California that we are not allowed to know about because of the absolute deceitfulness of the CHRB and the Stronach Group as well as the other human connections in this vile horse-killing industry.

  2. I am hoping that someday people will stop supporting this cruel sport which is responsible for too much abuse and cruelty to the horses.

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