Majestic Seas Killed at Mountaineer Last Night

Equibase’s complete writeup for Majestic Seas in the 6th at Mountaineer last night, poor grammar and all: “took a bad step in mid stretch pulling up being euthanized on the track.” Dead. Majestic was eight years old, and this was his 51st time under the whip. He was also “For Sale” (cheap: $4,000) immediately prior to being killed. That poor, poor boy.

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  1. Absolutely right Wanda. I’ve been to Mountaineer only once and that was enough. I remember that
    scum bag Dale Baird loading some horses for probably their final ride. To this day. anger boils over whenever I think of this.

    • The BloodHorse article dated December 24, 2007 says that Baird would buy and sell more than 200 horses a year (during his heyday). I don’t know how many years that would be exactly. Maybe roughly 30 years between 1961 and 2007, I am guessing. That would be roughly over 6,000 horses bought and sold. Okay, I know that is just a rough estimate but I think it is within reason. Mountaineer was his “racing home” and he mostly raced horses in claiming races.

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