Danjer Dead at Ruidoso

TRACK Magazine reports that 7-year-old Danjer died yesterday at Ruidoso Downs – aneurysm, they say. It was reported, of course, because and only because Danjer was a “superstar”: 22 “wins,” $2.5M “earnings.” He was last raced just 15 days ago.

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  1. In horseracing, a horse is “newsworthy” by the racing industry press because the horse won a lot of money and some of the more “prestigious” races. However, horses are not given the right to be retired from the daily routine abuse that causes so much harm, and death, to the horses.
    This killing of DANJER is one clear example of why horseracing must be stopped. The basis of horseracing is to exploit the horse until the horse can’t be exploited anymore, which means these morally depraved people kill the horse by racing the horse to death (or dump the horse into the slaughter pipeline).

    I am seriously wondering if this horse had an aneurysm for certain, or if the horse was doped with a certain cocktail of drugs and the extreme exertion of being raced in addition to the drugs caused death in DANJER and it sounds less diabolical to say “aneurysm” rather than “doped & overexerted to death” by the racing connections and the ownership and management of the racetrack, the Stewards and the racing Commissioners as well as the racing industry veterinarians.

  2. And of course, this horse was unlikely to ever be retired, as long as any money was left to be made, because he was a gelding.

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