Where Are These 65 Horses, NY?

65 Thoroughbreds “vanned off” (or had other issues noted in parenthesis) NYS tracks since January 1, 2020, who have not been heard from since. (Note: These are just raceday. How many of those injured while training are missing?)

Assault and Pepper, 1/17/20, Aqueduct (not reported as vanned, but “DNF”)
Nonsensical, 1/19/20, Aqueduct (not reported as vanned, but “protected” after race)
Spectre Bond, 1/24/20, Aqueduct
Plebe, 1/30/20, Aqueduct (not reported as vanned, but “DNF”)
Mo Lightning, 2/8/20, Aqueduct (not reported as vanned, but “DNF”)
Accabonac Harbor, 2/17/20, Aqueduct
Takeoff, 2/22/20, Aqueduct
Lucky E, 3/6/20, Aqueduct
Geta Lode of Lucky, 3/13/20, Aqueduct (not reported as vanned, but “DNF”)
Come On E. V., 6/13/20, Belmont
Traveling, 6/14/20, Belmont
Lord Cadbury, 6/26/20, Belmont
Kiki N King, 7/22/20, Finger Lakes
Quantum Computing, 7/24/20, Saratoga
Must See The Doc, 8/13/20, Saratoga
Leaky Cup, 8/14/20, Saratoga
Ranger Wrote, 8/25/20, Finger Lakes (not reported as vanned, but “DNF”)
Tote Board, 8/26/20, Finger Lakes (not reported as vanned, but “DNF”)
Critical Data, 8/26/20, Saratoga
Rocket Heat, 8/28/20, Saratoga (not reported as vanned, but “fractious, taken up early”)
Variant Perception, 9/24/20, Belmont
Missle Bomb, 9/25/20, Belmont
J D’s Victory, 9/30/20, Finger Lakes
Vincero, 10/9/20, Belmont
Currency Chrome, 12/4/20, Aqueduct
Rockin Jo, 12/20/20, Aqueduct
We Should Talk, 1/1/21, Aqueduct
El Potro, 1/9/21, Aqueduct
Much Trouble, 3/14/21, Aqueduct
Jo’s Bold Cat, 4/17/21, Aqueduct
Mrs. Phelps, 5/19/21, Finger Lakes
Afleeting Glance, 6/24/21, Belmont
Rosies Surprise, 8/2/21, Finger Lakes
Okie Roughneck, 8/4/21, Saratoga
Recidivist, 8/20/21, Saratoga
Whitmore, 8/28/21, Saratoga
Graceful Princess, 8/28/21, Saratoga (“returned bleeding from nostrils”)
Full Salute, 8/29/21, Saratoga
Awesome Debate, 9/6/21, Saratoga
Notorious Flirt, 9/25/21, Belmont
Chance It, 9/25/21, Belmont
Miss Teheran, 9/25/21, Belmont
Sharp Prospect, 10/16/21, Belmont
Majestic Clarisse, 11/10/21, Finger Lakes (“bled”)
Cantrell Hill, 11/13/21, Aqueduct
Golden Essence, 12/4/21, Aqueduct
Heavy Roller, 12/31/21, Aqueduct
Gran Casique, 2/10/22, Aqueduct
Hot Stepper, 3/25/22, Aqueduct
Up Seventyfour, 5/10/22, Finger Lakes
Raymond Road, 5/21/22, Belmont (not reported as vanned, but “collided with [another]”)
Cara’s Dreamer, 6/23/22, Belmont
Denis, 7/10/22, Belmont
Fort Ticonderoga, 7/16/22, Saratoga
French Light, 7/20/22, Saratoga
Ring of Fire, 7/28/22, Saratoga
Burn The Evidence, 8/3/22, Saratoga
Nightspot, 8/29/22, Finger Lakes
Nyshares, 9/2/22, Saratoga
Actualize, 9/30/22, Aqueduct
Manifest Destiny, 10/1/22, Aqueduct
Pat Pays, 10/25/22, Finger Lakes (not reported as vanned, but “appeared in distress”)
Forestwood Lane, 10/28/22, Aqueduct
Free Chickens, 11/17/22, Aqueduct
Capleton, 11/27/22, Aqueduct

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  1. As gambling objects, these horses are no longer viable. Who in horseracing really cares what happened to them?
    It’s beyond sad that these horses are most likely dead.

  2. Not that it is anyone’s business as to where these horses are I would still suggest you do your research. More than one can be Googled to see they have been retired and doing very well. One in particular has numerous articles written about him and his own Wikipedia page. Others can be found as well. Stop pandering!

    • Since these animals are essentially being held hostage in a criminal enterprise, it’s very much anyone’s business where they are. Also, Battuello is very much in his right to question their whereabouts. NYRA is taxpayer funded, so it would be reasonable that they report deaths correctly.

    • Oh yay. Some are the lucky few who escaped slaughter. Do you think you are making a point?

    • Dawn Smith, or whatever your real name is, you don’t sound like the sharpest knife in the drawer when you don’t provide the names or other details of any of these missing horses, or when you are oblivious to the fact that horseracing is propped up with government subsidies and government-directed benefits including tax write-offs and tax exemptions.
      Your credibility is questionable, Dawn Smith, or kelly…, or whatever your real name is…
      Any person has the right to ask basic information of any group or individual who demands public funding to support their habit.
      Have you ever done Freedom Of Information Act requests to get information about the hundreds (or thousands) of horses that are killed each and every year by the racing industry people, Dawn Smith, or whatever your real name is???? Are you aware of the fact that Patrick Battuello has done more FOIA requests than you could possibly know????
      Can you tell us why the racing industry Commissioners see fit to withhold any of this basic information that the public has a right to ask about and a right to be informed of????

  3. Hey Kelly C., if I give you the name of a ny horse who raced maybe three times and then vanished…would you be able to find out where he is? If you could,I’d appreciate it.

  4. Wanda, I was trying to let Kelly C. prove her bonifides about where these horses ARE?! Of course,Kelly is a fraud!

    • Unfortunately, she couldn’t care less about what happened to the horses listed above. It’s obvious that she is pro-racing and pro-slaughter.

      • Exactly,Wanda. She’s just a chubby faced youngin….”wet behind the ears”, clueless baby about the true depths of the pure evil these corny “horsey” people do!

        • Kelly Crummi, why should only minuscule number of them not be sent to slaughter,abused,neglected,starved,raced/bred into the ground?!!!!Why aren’t ALL of them saved,provided for,cared for, living their BEST life?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ,Kelly Crummi are lazy of mind! Or,willfully IGNORANT.

  5. Look here not over there!!
    Well, Ms Smith, I will look where I choose. Of course you and other racing supporters/apologists would prefer that such “awkward” questions not be asked because you know most “missing” racehorses are slaughtered. How else do we get to thousands ending up in the abattoirs of Mexico and Canada year after year. Very few horses get a second chance.
    That is the fact of the matter!

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