Our Belmont Stakes Protest

Yesterday, HW was out in force protesting the Belmont Stakes. It was a great turnout – over 50 activists – and our two billboard trucks traversed Hempstead Turnpike all day, displaying the gruesome video truth. In short, if you were in the vicinity of Belmont Park yesterday, those images were unavoidable. In addition, a New York Times crew, working on a video doc for the paper’s website, spent a great deal of time with us, filming the protest and interviewing me and several others. Thank you to all who came out…

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  1. That’s really an awesome relief to know that so many people care about the horses enough to make an all-out effort to save them from this horrendous CRUELTY and the killings. I’m grateful for all who showed up! Thank you for being there!

  2. What a great turnout!!! And I had no idea the trucks had video. People need to see the truth before they have any chance of understanding.

    • Excellent representation for these poor horses enslaved in this vile industry. Thank you.

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