A Kill at Pleasanton; Details on Chloe’s Dream

The CHRB reports that Rio King perished at Pleasanton yesterday, no details released. Rio was four and had been put to the whip 14 times, most recently May 29 at Golden Gate.

Also, the Kentucky Commission has released the details on Chloe’s Dream, one of the two horses killed at Churchill on Derby Day: “The horse pulled up at the 3/4 pole with an injury to the RF limb. He was sedated and loaded onto the ambulance and transported to the barn. [R]adiographs revealed multiple fractures…decision was made to euthanize due to a poor prognosis.” This was Chloe’s being loaded (to his death) with multiple fractures…

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  1. Race #7 at Golden Gate last night…Jazzy Love was bobbling and headjerking. I guess the jockey pulled or eased him up. He was on all fours but hard to tell what happened or the outcome.

  2. That poor horse, Cloes`s Dream, he should have been euthanized on the track. Instead it was clear from the video that they forced him into the ambulance under great duress.

    • I agree with you, fredjoan. How sadistic do people have to be to do this to horses? Wasn’t the torture, pain and suffering they inflicted on him already enough for them to get their jollies off??? Evidently not.

      • Wanda, there were a bunch of gawkers standing there. Probably wanted them to think all will be well back at the barn. Yeah right.

        • Yeah, I’m sure they were thinking: How can we make this look like it’s not a racing injury? Or, how can we get out of having another dead horse to add to the list of racing casualties today? How can we turn this into a Missing In Action horse so we can say that we are so “safe”?

  3. Those involved in horse racing in any capacity are very low on the humanity totem pole.

    • Absolutely, Seth (which happens to be name of my favorite EAGLES linebacker of all time,Seth Joyner!

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