With the Stakes Saturday, Consider This: 612 Horses Killed at Belmont Park Since 2009

In advance of Saturday’s Belmont Stakes…

Since the Gaming Commission began disclosing such things in 2009, 612 horses have lost their lives at Belmont Park – an average of almost 45 per year. At a minimum, this should give you pause if you are planning on attending/betting on/watching the Stakes.

2009: 39 dead horses at Belmont (partial: data didn’t begin till April of that year)
2010: 65 dead horses at Belmont
2011: 46 dead horses at Belmont
2012: 45 dead horses at Belmont
2013: 38 dead horses at Belmont
2014: 41 dead horses at Belmont
2015: 25 dead horses at Belmont
2016: 39 dead horses at Belmont
2017: 40 dead horses at Belmont
2018: 30 dead horses at Belmont
2019: 44 dead horses at Belmont
2020: 53 dead horses at Belmont
2021: 50 dead horses at Belmont
2022: 41 dead horses at Belmont
2023: 16 dead horses at Belmont (so far)

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  1. Mike Repole “worries” about horse racing but he doesn’t give a crap about his horse, FORTE, or any other horse.
    When you care about your horses, you don’t act like a complete idiot and put their lives at high risk of injuries and fatalities.
    The whole sadistic racing industry is going to prove this Saturday that they don’t give a flying crap about their horses! They’re going to run them in that Canadian wildfire smoke saturated air and still get their filthy scumbag kicks.
    These colts will be at a higher risk level of having difficulty breathing because of the particulates in the air from the Canadian wildfire smoke saturating the air in NYC and surrounding areas.
    HISA is proving once again that they are worthless when it comes to protecting the horses.

  2. Not only that Wanda….these gigantic animals have been breathing this crap in for several days…it’s also a cumulative effect!!!!

    • Exactly, Bonnie, and I just read in an online article a few minutes ago that Todd Pletcher doesn’t see a problem with any of this so far because the horses are allegedly not coughing. How could a bunch of scumbags that use and abuse horses this way ever see a problem with any of this forced torture???

  3. I am totally outraged over the lack of concern and abuse of these poor horses. It is disgusting and inexcusable that over 612 horse were allowed to die at Belmont. This is proof and justification for this horseracing racket to be shut down and put out of business for good!

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