Kimberley Dream Killed at Churchill – Yes, Churchill – Today

In the 1st at Churchill today, Kimberley Dream “went wrong,” which, regular readers of this site know, is Kentucky Racing-speak for dead. And she is. At seven.

This current kill cluster at Churchill Downs is officially one month old today. 12 dead horses. How many more, America? End the cruelty. End the killing. End horseracing.

Wild On Ice, Apr 27 – “injured, [euthanized]”
Code of Kings, Apr 29 – “flipped multiple times, broke neck”
Parents Pride, Apr 29 – “collapsed and died”
Take Charge Briana, May 2 – “fell, euthanized”
Chasing Artie, May 2 – “collapsed and died”
Chloe’s Dream, May 6 – “went wrong: fractured knee”
Freezing Point, May 6 – “went wrong: [multiple] fractures”
Bosque Redondo, May 13 – “vanned off, euthanized”
Rio Moon, May 14 – “catastrophic injury after wire…euthanized”
Swanson Lake, May 20 – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Lost in Limbo, May 26 – “fell, euthanized”
Kimberley Dream, May 27 – “went wrong, euthanized”

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  1. And this killing of innocent horses is allowed why???????????????? I never get upset when I hear of a human kicking bucket. I only get enraged for innocent animals. Make this torture of horses go away.

  2. And yet again Churchill releases the same stupid and verbose statement about how “troubled” they are by the spate of deaths and do not have any answers. How about setting your greed aside to cease racing until you have a workable answer? It was done here in California and things did improve. Some big Stakes are upcoming, with likely another possible death on the national stage? Bill C., why are you allowing this to continue? How ironic you stop killer Baffert, yet you ignore the parade of deaths right under your nose.

  3. In California, they slowed the death rate down??? What a sick joke that is, Karen Tracy. Have you not heard of delaying the inevitable euthanasia of injured horses on purpose by hauling them off the racetrack grounds and therefore fail on purpose to report the death of a horse fatally injured by racing??? That’s their “answer” in California.
    Fact: Horseracing is not safe for horses anywhere, not in beautiful facilities or otherwise.

    • I totally agree with Wanda Diamond. Horseracing is not safe for horses anywhere. It must be stopped!!!

  4. I just don’t believe this. They need to stop. Someone please make them stop. They won’t stop killing horses on their own. Churchill Downs is corrupt and only concerned with $$$. Not horse lives, not cruelty. Just money.

  5. They have to lose a lot more money at this “game” before they slow down the killing of horses for racing and gambling. If they are able to hide the killings, they will do that. You’re right, Jeanette. Someone outside of racing has to do something to stop the brutality against horses. They have been getting away with it for far too long.

  6. I’m not even horrified at the sheer number of horses killed this year at Churchill Downs. This site has documented an average of 25 fatalities per year there, so why is everyone in racing freaking out about this slight overage?
    What’s confusing, though, is CDI’s sudden willingness to admit their kills. (Not so long ago, it would take Kentucky racing officials 2-3+ MONTHS to confirm each death publicly. Now, it’s being spilled within a matter of hours — if not minutes.)
    I’ll bet their PR Department misses the good old days when they could flippantly ignore all public questions about a given horse’s life-or-death status — just like HISA is trying to do right now for all horse-killing tracks nationwide:
    “That is not something we are obligated to share with you, the Pesky Public. We’re too busy making racing “safe” for horses…with our integrity. And, did we mention safety? So go away, and stop asking.”

    • That hiding the kills and pretending nothing is bad about horse racing is still working on some people. Thank God for this site to expose the truth about the constant torture and killing of horses for racing and wagering.

  7. Bust out your calculator. There have been 12 deaths in one month at CD, almost half of “an average of 25 fatalities per year there”. So your “slight overage” is hardly that and exactly why “everyone in racing is freaking out”.

    • Pretty sure this death streak will slow down — just like all “safety” streaks do — and Churchill Downs will revert back toward their more typical, horse-killing mean. (And even if they don’t, their racing seasons total up to less than four months out of the year.)
      So, apologies for my hyperbole, Karen. Thought you’d catch on, being a long-time turfwriter and all;)

      • Yup. And proud of it. First and only female to be a race analyst/handicapper (still referred to as simply “writers”) for Today’s Racing Digest, which just celebrated a 53-year anniversary. Seven long years there when nothing was computer-generated and everything was promulgated by hand under a daily deadline.

        • And, yet, now you’re here, at the most unequivocally anti-racing site in the country. I’m fascinated, sincerely. What caused your change of opinion about horse racing, if I may ask?

          • I’m still in the game. It’s my livelihood. I have a massive data base to maintain. It doesn’t mean I like it though. Had been lurking here because California HIDES horse deaths under the guise it’s private information and not for public consumption. Can you beat that? It’s damn near impossible to find anything out locally, so I must resort to online sites. This one is as current as can be. We had a 6-seat box at Del Mar for decades, but could no longer support that venue, which is now basically fraught with drunks and arrests. Every single meet they roll out the red carpet for the biggest cheaters in So Cal, vying for trainer of the meet. That’s nauseating to me. What I could tell you…

            • So when anyone says that horseracing is a cesspool of corruption and animal cruelty, and you see this corruption and animal cruelty first-hand, it doesn’t repulse you…? You keep marching forward proud of your occupation and participation in same…?

              • Your rudeness does not deserve the courtesy of a reply, but here goes. Sounds like you, WANDA DIAMOND lol, board warden, and your vehemence have to FACE IT. You can continue to rage on, stamping your feet, pointing out all that you disagree with. You have to be one of the angriest individuals I’ve ever encountered that does nothing but spin her wheels in mud. Gosh, what a miserable life you must lead. YOU face it. Sorry to disappoint you, sweetheart, but horse racing is not going anywhere. You’ve been overruled. But keep the harangues coming in your usual obnoxious fashion. I don’t get in pissing matches with anyone, let alone someone unable to have a civil conversation, so have a great rest of the week. I know I will!

            • I’m sure you could tell us a lot — but none of us would be very surprised to hear of all the shit your game throws at its equine victims, in California or anywhere else.
              Also, we know that Patrick’s reporting is light years ahead of the (highly-journalistic, dead-horse-revealing, fact-seeking) racing press; his standards are above reproach, whereas so-called turfwriters are paid to actively ignore the carnage. Kind of a huge dichotomy, wouldn’t you agree?

              • Right on, Kelly! Patrick Battuello is light years ahead in taking the stance against this vile industry as a whole, in addition to his light-years-ahead reporting of the facts of this cruel and corrupt industry.

  8. Again I ask why is this not being investigated. Is it because all these horses are owned by the rich? These people do not love these horses. They love the money they bring in. And if they do not win the rich do not get richer. And the rich donate to politicians who look the other way. SO WHAT DO WE DO????????

  9. Horseracing is the ultimate horror show in USA, Britain and in Australia where deaths are not reducing at all. Despite millions being thrown at research into how to reduce catastrophic deaths, the State racing industries in Australia are so fractured that they can’t even implement national rules to address the most basic scientific recommendations to prevent catastrophic deaths. Last week in Australia Princess Sparkles appeared to clip heels and do a complete somersault. It was horrific to watch. Stewards Report states: “A post race veterinary examination of mare revealed it to be in an agonal state and it was humanely euthanased.” We await the results of the inquiry into why Princess Sparkles suffered such a tragic death. What do the equine research scientists in USA have to say about their most up to date analysis of risk factors?

    • There is A LOT of racing in Oz, and the number of jockey deaths there is extremely unsettling.

  10. It seems the racing industry culture is so entrenched, it cannot be changed. In 2014, Lisa Hanelt, DVM did an analysis of risk factors of 19 horses at Finger Lakes. She said: “when we have acceptance without objective analysis, we have complacency.”

    • Three or fewer starts at Finger Lakes
    • A recent trainer or owner change
    • A significant drop in class
    • A history in the previous six months of being on a vet’s list or having been scratched in the
    morning from a race and
    • Treatment with inter-articular steroids

    She found the horses that broke down fitted into all five of her five highest risk categories.

  11. If you delete “Finger Lakes” from the five cited categories, it would sum up what happens at all tracks, and daily, around the country. Class droppers with no form are particularly susceptible, as are trainers who, for the life of me I’ll never understand, claim from known dopers and subsequently experience mostly disastrous results. I see it happen weekly in So Cal.

    • Face it, Karen Tracy, you are actively supporting this industry of horse abuse and brutality against horses which involves doping the horses and running them into the ground. You, Karen Tracy, as a “handicapper” writing for a racing industry publication are essentially the same as the “trainers” who you claim to not understand. Go figure; no calculator necessary.

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