The HW Army Out in Force

Yesterday, Horseracing Wrongs, led by Maryland Coordinator (and board member) Jennifer Sully, was out in full force protesting the Preakness at Pimlico. 50+ smart, passionate activists lent their voices to the abused and suffering. The media coverage was exceptional – with no fewer than eight interviews (CBS here). We also had our usual mobile billboard traversing the area all day.

As I’ve often said, there is no single more effective thing an individual activist can do than join (or start) a protest. All great social-justice movements in our nation’s history began in the streets, and this is no different. Thank you to all who came out yesterday…

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  1. CBS News coverage was spot on, not 20 seconds. The piece put out by 1ST/Racing was the normal bull and same old excuses. Brief and oh well. On the other hand, bless the supporters who stand out there and spread the word.

  2. I’m in So Cal and this is typical continuing behavior/propaganda by 1/ST. I respect Aidan Butler, but he’s almost become a pawn in Belinda Stronach’s game, who has made CRW her baby now and is a staunch Baffert supporter. I’ve been in this industry for decades as a journalist/handicapper for a national publication and am finally sick to my stomach to see what it’s become now by the factions that vowed to improve the standards. Joke.

    • Karen, thank you for your input. I am being a bit sarcastic about the “standards” but was there ever any real standards to be improved upon considering the fact that for many years Bob Baffert “earned” the nickname of Teflon Bob meaning he was getting away with so much stuff, violations of the doping rules and “nothing would stick” for so long…? I mean how is that a standard when one notoriously corrupt trainer is let off the hook repeatedly, I think more so than many other corrupt trainers, and as you said, he’s being paid by billionaires…?! How is this notorious corruption a “standard” in the “normal” sense of the word…?

  3. I would love to see actresses Beth Behrs,and Jennifer Coolidge join our cause,I know for a FACT, both of them are extremely passionate about Animal welfare. Jennifer has fought for farm animals,and Beth is very into horses,and to that end,both have lent their voices for animals…not like phoney Bo Derek,who wants horse racing to continue in the worst way(she’s HEAVILY involved in promoting horse racing). There’s good celebrities…and bad ones(Bo Derek).

    • The activism for the victim-horses by those in Maryland is a model for all. Thank you, ladies and gents, and Jennifer Sully, for your work. You have charisma! (Love the photos and 50 protesters is impressive!)

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