The Evil of Subsidies: Horse “Limps to Wire,” 72 Lengths Back – Exploiters Still Cash In

On subsidies, besides the obvious – propping this industry up with corporate welfare allows for the continued abuse and killing of beautiful horses – there is this ancillary wrong: The massive infusion of unearned income from casino gaming allows tracks to pay first-last, regularly leading to situations like what happened at Charles Town last night.

In the 1st, Itsuptome finished last of 7, 40 lenghths back; her connections still won $135.

In the 3rd, Taneleer finished last of 9, 20+ lengths back; his connections still won $135.

In the 4th, Hero’s Man finished last of 8, 19+ lengths back; his connections still won $135.

In the 6th, Mexican Kryptonite finished last of 10, 25 lengths back; his connections still won $135.

Then this: In the 7th race, 6-year-old College Kid finished last of 9, 72 lengths back, but, you guessed it, her connections – owners William Devane and Adam King, trainer Toschia Spriggs, and worst of all, jockey Jason Simpson – still cashed in, $135. But, if you can believe it, it’s even worse: College Kid, says the chartwriter, “showed no response leaving the turn [and] limped to the wire.” “Limped to the wire.” Criminal. Horseracing.

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  1. 6-year-old College Kid “showed no response leaving the turn [and] limped to the wire”? After finishing 72 lengths back, (i.e., last of 9), *she* was, of course,
    worn out
    in a terrible amount of pain
    and wondering, in her poor😢 equine mind, “If THIS is Life, ………… do I even WANT to ………… keep-on LIVING”?

    The profound level of CRUELTY ~c.e.l.e.b.r.a.t.e.d.~ by her owners, her trainer, her jockey, the chartwriter, and (routinely by) all horseracing attendees/supporters simply defies ………… any strong-enough description, you know.

  2. This all happens where a lot of us have no idea just how bad it is. I can’t even imagine being there and seeing that stuff. I would just go you know ape s*** up the wall so fast. I’d probably be arrested for assaulting somebody. I don’t know for sure if I could contain myself because seeing this crap in person would be too much!!!!! It would really be hard to control myself when absolutely no authority to stop this horrendous CRUELTY and abuse of horses would step in and do something to stop this atrocious and unacceptable behavior by human beings pretending to be horsemen and horsewomen.

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