Activism 101: Write Those Letters

Another fine example of simple, direct activism. A recent LTE published by The Baltimore Sun. (Please note: The kill rate is of course much higher than 10/week.)

“Horse racing is a cruel industry. Horses have 1,000-pound bodies resting on very thin ankles, and the stress of constant high speed running causes fractures. Apparently, some owners drug the poor animals to keep them from feeling pain and keep them running. When horses do experience fractures, they are often euthanized, at a rate of 10 horses per week, because it is too expensive to care for a horse that is not racing and bringing in money.

“Ten horses died in the days just prior to the Kentucky Derby this year. News articles have stated that some of these elegant animals are sold for meat in foreign countries. I am also angry to read how much we the taxpayers subsidize horse racing. The state of Maryland has subsidized horse racing to the tune of $750 million from slot machines since 2010 and that does not include subsidies for racetrack upgrades.

“Imagine how much positive work we could accomplish for infrastructure and the poor if we could put that cash to good use. I would like to see legislation that stops this subsidy to a cruel industry.” – Carolyn Stine, Baltimore

Thank you, Carolyn.

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  1. Very well said. Thank you Carolyn. It takes courage to stick your neck out like that.

  2. I also agree with Carolyn. This is a brutal sport for all horses and needs to be stopped worldwide. It is tragic how many horses die weekly at these death traps. The abuse on the animals is horrible and it is always always about the money – nothing else. To the state of Maryland (I am sure that there are many others as well) – shame on all of you involved – you are just as responsible for the deaths of these beautiful horses as are the owners, trainers, jockeys, vets, racing commissions – all corrupt beyond belief. I am sure that there are other necessary projects that those monies could go to to better the lives of many people and save so many of these gorgeous horses.

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