The Killing Continues: Rio Moon Felled at Churchill Today

As the media glare turns to Baltimore, site of next Saturday’s Preakness Stakes, the killing continues at Churchill Downs. In the 6th race this afternoon, says the chartwriter, 3-year-old Rio Moon “sustained a catastrophic injury to his left foreleg a few strides after the wire and was euthanized.” He is now the 8th kill at this hallowed track in a little over two weeks. But remember, Churchill averages 25 kills annually, so…

Here is how it looked:

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  1. Churchill Downs, Inc. was referred to as the “corporate overlord” that shut down Arlington International Racecourse in an article about the grim future of both harness racing and Thoroughbred racing in Illinois.
    One day this “corporate overlord” may have to shut down another racetrack and it won’t be soon enough for so many thousands of exploited horses.
    These so-called horsemen in every state need to take responsibility for their own misdeeds rather than always blaming someone else. Killing horses for racing and wagering is the fault of each human participant. How do they expect someone else to always cover their butts so they can continue to race and kill horses for their own fame and fortune? That’s how they roll.

  2. What a caring, loving country usa is 😒..NOT. Pure Evil killers. This country kills more horses than all the rest combined 🤬🤮🤮🤮🤮

  3. Another sad day another beautiful horse killed all for the love of the greed of humans. F*ck what the hell is wrong with people everywhere – stop your abusing and slaughtering of these gorgeous horses – all in the name of the almighty dollar – you are a pathetic bunch of assholes – shame on all of you!!

  4. His chances of living were very compromised when he was sent to Dale Romans. Dale also ships the horses to Puerto Rico in a heartbeat. Typical ky born bred hayseed hillbilly. They know no other way.

    • Do you have a list of horses Dale Romans has sent to PR? A search of an exhaustively-kept (by Twitter’s NotCloudyAllDay, available on Google Docs), extremely thorough list of mainland horses sent to/in PR the last several years (some going as far back as 2016), does not list any as having Dale Romans as their “Last Trainer Source in U.S.”.

      • I specifically remember a gorgeous light colored chestnut gelding Dale used to race FREQUENTLY at Gulfstream,might’ve been around 15,16,17,or thereabouts. Horse was a closer.He actually won more than a few for him.Horse had letter “W” in his name.

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