Video of Reed Kan Going Down

It’s short, but you’ll get the point…

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  1. Horse racing…done only by the evil, greedy,sick in the head demons of this place compassion or love for the horses at all..
    All they do is torture..use..and kill the beautiful horses..for nothing more than money…Hell is going to be full when it’s their time to go!

  2. Stacy – I agree and it can’t be soon enough to have these bastards all in hell. The horror that they put these gorgeous horses through is so heartbreaking – none of them give a shit about the animal – only their being in the f*cking winning circle and the dollars – always about the money. I hope that their deaths are painful and long lasting – they deserve nothing better after what they put these animals through – humans are the worst!!

  3. Thank You Cathy..
    I so agree with you..
    My only wish is that we could send them all to hell now..and watch them burn…
    And all the beautiful horses would be free and happy at last.

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