Reed Kan Killed at Belmont Today

In the 1st at Belmont this afternoon, Reed Kan, says the chartwriter, “sustained an injury to the right foreleg outside the sixteenth-pole and fell, then was vanned off.” In fact, he is dead. Reed (below, at Gulfstream in 2017) would have turned eight tomorrow.

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  1. Sing song bird at Belterra yesterday. 4 horses running. She was in the front..very bad. It’s on replay.

  2. Every picture has a handler holding the o or d rings, putting pressure on the horses mouth. It’s bad enough that the horse has a little person torturer on its back. Like the whip, drugs and metal bit isn’t enough to dominate,

    Vile disgusting industry!

  3. It should be called DEATH RACING, NOT HORSE RACING. People that support it are wearing blinders like they use on horses.

  4. Another sad day at the races but only for the horses – not for the f*cking owners, trainers, jockeys and all of the rest of the low life bastards involved. Such a tragic end to this poor horses life and we all know that the suffering would have been brutal for the poor horse. These people have no compassion for anything but themselves – I hope they all rot in hell!!

  5. Watching Reed Kan fall was so sad The racing program said the ambulance took him and they would update us..They never did! I Kept searching for any news and finally found he was put down. He was owned by 2 racing partnerships . The one I checked on had alot of horses and Reed Kan was next to last on the list. I do believe the industry is hiding the amount of race horses that are dying .

  6. No Patrick, I was not at the track. I was watching “America’s Day At The Races”. I am a long time horse lover and owner along with my husband and parents.
    My age will be showing when I tell you that we went to Claiborne Farm and they brought out the the Great Secretariet for us to
    see. Up close only a foot away. What a thrill. After that Spectacular Bid “another beautiful horse. A look at Nyjinsky. All wonderfully taken care of . After watching poor Ruffian fall and Barbaro fall what a heart ache followed and I thought I was done watching racing. At least those owners did what they could to save their horses. I started watching horse racing again a few years ago having no idea how many horses were dying. Certainly wasn’t hearing about it or seeing it. The week before the derby when they announced 7 deaths at Churchill downs. And the 1st race I watch after the derby when Reed Kan dies. I will not watch again. I want you to know I take good care of my horses and have one 31, one 28 and one 12. They take alot of special care.

  7. Patrick, I just saw on my phone they had a track death at Pimlico
    This is certainly not the average of 22 horses a year. Sad and Unnecessary. te

    • Yes, Terry, I reported it earlier. Maryland is currently at 14 kills; they average 35 annually. So you can see where this is headed – business as usual.

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