“Trauma to Head/Brian”; “Severed Spine”; “Gastric Rupture” – More AZ Kills

Through a FOIA request to the Arizona Dept. of Gaming, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year.

(Necropsies for these victims were not available yet.)

The Trend Continue, Feb 10, Turf T – “trauma to head/brain” (three years old)
Black Sambuca, Feb 25, Turf T – “fractured cannon” (three years old)
Iron Soul, Feb 26, Rillito R – “fell: fractured spine/pelvis”
Whenudon’t Know, Mar 5, Rillito R – “fell: fractured shoulder”
One Dashing Gallito, Mar 8, Turf S – “gastric rupture”
Miss Glorious, Mar 13, Turf T – “[multiple] fractures”
Em’s Winaholic, Mar 13, Turf R – “fractured shoulder”
Older Brother, Mar 26, Turf R – “[multiple] fractures”
Nicos Clave 7, Mar 29, Turf R – “severed spine” (two years old)
Haveulostyourmind, Apr 1, Turf T – “hemorrhage, sudden death”
Another Wine, Apr 3, Turf T – “[multiple] fractures” (three years old)
Major Attraction, Apr 17, Turf S – “arthritis” (seven years old, last raced Feb 26)

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