“Fell over fallen rival, landing on its back: [multiple] comminuted vertebral fractures…”

Through a FOIA request to the Arizona Dept. of Gaming, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. (I am posting in installments.)

Mizhipzletus, Feb 8, Turf S
“This horse was entered to race on Feb 8. It received IV Phenylbutazone morning of Feb 7. At about midnight, Dr Westermann was called because the horse was sweating profusely and had a fever of 102. Horse was treated with IV Banamine, but died several minutes later.” Also: “erosive to ulcerative gastroenteritis; lymphoplasmacytic hepatitis.”
Mizhipzletus was just three years old.

He’s a Candy Man, Feb 13, Turf R (euth Feb 20)
“Horse was pulled up lame in RF and vanned off. Radiographs showed [multiple] fractures.” Also: “severe, subacute, locally extensive, erosive arthritis [two limbs].”
He’s a Candy Man, just two, was made to suffer with multiple fractures for a week.

Juana Gallo, Feb 26, Turf R
“LF: compound fracture of cannon; comminuted fractures of both sesamoids; comminuted fractures of P1 and P2, with tearing of joint capsule and ligament; in addition, acute and chronic injuries to RF carpus and fetlock, as well as bilateral hind limb P1.” Also: “ulcerative and hemorrhagic gastritis.”
Juana Gallo was just two years old.

Mystical Image, Mar 1, Turf R
“Midway through turn, horse fell: comminuted scapular fracture involving the neck, ligaments frayed and hemorrhagic.” Also: “ulceration throughout squamous tissue.”
Mystical Image, below, was eight years old.

Starzan, Mar 1, Turf R
“Fell over fallen rival [above], landing on its back: [multiple] comminuted vertebral fractures; comminuted fracture of left scapular neck and proximal humerus, with associated hemorrhage.” Also: “osteoarthrosis [all four fetlocks]; chronic-active ulcers.”
Starzan was five years old, just approaching a horse’s natural age of maturity.

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  1. What kind of people could cause so much pain and suffering to young and underdeveloped colts and fillies and tell the public that they “love” their horses?
    These people who call themselves “horsemen and/or horsewomen” are evil.
    These horrible people must be stopped from inflicting this egregious and deadly abuse, brutality and cruelty to horses in Arizona and everywhere.

  2. Right on Wanda, no beautiful soul horse should EVER die because of these animal abusers. FullStop!!!!!!!!!

    • The picture of MYSTICAL IMAGE, the 8-year-old horse, didn’t show up this morning but now that I check back this afternoon, I see this gruesome sight. No person should be allowed to get away with this EGREGIOUS CRUELTY to horses!

  3. Animals are INNOCENT and the BEST. Humans are lying weasels and suck ass.

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