Class Proof at Turf: “compound cannon fracture, shattered into many fragments, bone protruding.”

Through a FOIA request to the Arizona Dept. of Gaming, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. (I am posting in installments.)

This Famous Dream, Jan 28, Turf R
“Comminuted fractures of both RF sesamoids, tendon tear, ligament rupture.”
This Famous Dream was three years old.

Class Proof, Jan 28, Turf R
“LF: compound cannon fracture, shattered into many fragments, bone protruding. First race since [coming] off Vet’s List Jan 3 for grade 3/5 RF [other leg] lameness.”
Class Proof was four years old.

Golden Rachel, Feb 4, Turf R
“Horse reared and flipped backwards: [multiple] spine fractures with severing of the cord and hemorrhage within the spinal canal.” Also: “[multiple] rib fractures.”
Golden Rachel was two years old.

Master Ruler, Feb 5, Rillito R (euth Feb 12)
“Ran Sunday and won, then body/muscle sore and acutely colicky.” Ultimate cause of death: “severe pleuropneumonia with pulmonary abscesses and likely early sepsis.” Also: “chronic osteoarthrosis; chronic ulcerative gastritis; hepatitis.”
Master Ruler was seven years old.

Swamp Souffle, Feb 7, Turf S
“Horse was lame after race Dec 27. Euthanized Feb 7 for severe laminitis with severe coffin bone rotation and sole abscess.” Also: “severe, chronic ulcerative gastritis.”
Swamp Souffle was six years old.

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  1. They want government hand-outs to support this heinous cruelty to horses in Arizona. Forcing sick and injured horses to run in races is unacceptable cruelty to horses. It must be punishable by law. These heathens should be arrested.

    • Yes, Valerie, this is absolutely barbaric and should definitely be stopped!!!!!

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