Horse Killed at Churchill on Derby Day

In the 2nd race at Churchill, just a little while ago, Chloe’s Dream “went wrong” and “was vanned off [below].” CBS Sports is now reporting that he is dead, which, given the terminology used by the chartwriter, should surprise no one (Kentucky tracks’ go-to euphemism for dead is “went wrong”). The industry’s worst nightmare come true.

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  1. Maybe this will tell the world how sick and evil horseracing really is.

  2. Well, at least that first kill is out of the way for Derby Death Day.
    The “glamorous” parasites at NBC Sports finally got around to conceding that “a number” of horses have died at Churchill Downs this week. (Somebody really ought to inform them that the “number” is at least SIX.)

  3. What in the world is going on so many dead this year awful💔

  4. For at least one horse to be FATALLY INJURED and killed (so far) on the big day of “the first leg of the Triple Crown” while being broadcast on national TV, that’s got to send a message to some people who don’t follow horse racing all the time.
    For those people who go to the casinos to place their off-track bets for the Kentucky Derby and don’t follow horse racing too closely otherwise and who may not know about Horseracing Wrongs, now hopefully they will learn that this killing of horses for racing and wagering handle is a “normal” part of this industry consisting of psychopathic/ sociopathic people; that the people in this industry are okay with the sacrificing of equine lives for their personal financial gain and egos; that the people in this industry know about it only too well and that they just keep on trying to hide it and deceive the public in any way they can.
    It is horrible that any horse has to die for such EVIL people and their vanity!
    This killing of horses in racing is NOT A BIG MYSTERY at all. It’s VERY PREDICTABLE that horses are going to be prone to INJURIES from being FORCED TO PERFORM and many times these injuries will be fatal when subject to this daily routine cruelty and abuse AND the people in this industry know it no matter how much they act like it’s a big unacceptable mysterious surprise to them. It’s not a surprise at all.
    These criminally-minded people in this industry should have their criminal organizations busted. These organized-criminals ought to be arrested and charged with all of the criminal activities they involve themselves in on a daily basis and have been for years and years and years and years. For decades, some of these “glorified” horse-killers have been profiting from this cruel abuse of horses. It started centuries ago.

  5. One day Chloe’s Dream’s death will not be in vain. Oh, I so hope to see that day, the fullstop death of horseracing!

  6. I just read part of an article about the Derby horses scratched and also killed.
    Trainer Jeff Hiles used that SAME OL’ SAME OL’ TIRED WORN OUT ASSININE LIE that has been used so many times in the past. This assinine lie is one of the industry insiders’ GO-TO LINES OF TOTAL CRAP: the same thing that happened to CHLOE’S DREAM on the racetrack at Churchill Downs today could have happened running in the field. He added, “That’s what we have to deal with.” This is a totally false line of crap to dodge-the-bullet of taking responsibility for the abuse and brutality these vile pseudo-horsemen inflict on horses every day at racetracks.

    Anybody who has ever owned horses or ponies, or both ponies (Shetland ponies here) and horses, and were responsible for their care, KNOW that horses don’t have injuries like that running in the field, pasture, paddock of their own accord. That’s not to say that they can’t be injured at all while turned loose on say 250-Acres of pasture with barbed-wire fence but the INJURIES to horses allowed to be out on a large pasture of many acres are not going to have the same type of INJURIES, not as often as forced galloping, or usually not to the point of being life-threatening as on the racetrack. The racetrack is where the colts and fillies are forced to perform as gambling chips before they are fully matured, which is the fundamentally WRONG thing to do to or with any horse.
    Anybody who believes that stupid lie is dumber than a stick. Sorry, if you’re not educated enough to know the difference but just at least use some common logic as well as some common sense. It is not that hard to read some books about the care and keeping of horses as long as you are able to read. Just don’t give these vile pseudo-horsemen the satisfaction of you being gullible.

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