Another “Went Wrong, Vanned Off” at Churchill on Derby Day

In the just-completed 8th at Churchill, Freezing Point “went wrong and was vanned off.” According to the most up-to-date information, the 3-year-old has been transferred to an offsite clinic. Convenient, huh? The last thing the powers that be need is yet another death on the Churchill grounds – there have now been at least 6 in the past 10 days – most especially today. But as I wrote earlier, “went wrong” in Kentucky almost invariably means…

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  1. Freezing Point was euthanized. I guess the only reason they took him away from Churchill Downs was so they couldn’t be held “responsible” for this death.

  2. Prolonging the trauma, the pain, the misery, the suffering of horses INJURED by racing is one of this industry’s “superpowers” in order to NOT BE ACCOUNTABLE. This tactic is a part of their phony substitute for “TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY” in the scheme of things in horseracing. Remember it well.

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