Let Your Voice Be Heard

“Letters to the Editor” are a great way to educate and advocate. Here are two from HW supporters: Silvie Pomicter in the Lexington Herald-Leader (scroll down to “Horse Deaths”); Ann Roberts in The Baltimore Sun. Thank you to both.

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  1. I love when major newspapers publish these protest letters. Unfortunately, the online version won’t let me read them unless I subscribe to the newspaper.

  2. I submitted 2 letters this year –
    The Richmond Times and Bristol Herald Courier.
    Neither were published. This morning I noticed this same ad on their websites ,twinspires.com. I guess that explains that.
    Also, a big shout out to Silvie and Ann. it takes courage to stick
    your neck out there.

  3. Rick Bowman. Thank you. If a newspaper will not publish your letter, try another newspaper and you will succeed in getting it published. Don’t give up the horses need our voices.

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