Video of Parx Wreck

The five-horse wreck at Parx yesterday…

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  1. That was a horrible wreck! That’s interesting that the announcer is speaking a language other than English. I wasn’t aware that they had a Spanish speaking announcer at Parx until now.
    Will there be any cancellations of races at Parx? I would be shocked if they did. This carnage is what the human participants at Parx live for, isn’t it?

  2. Horrendous!
    And the industry has the gall to call it a sport?
    Subjecting these innocent magnificent horses to race for their lives, racing tight, clipping heels, hind legs being galloped on, carrying pre-existing injuries, being forced beyond their natural limitations with their central nervous systems telling them to slow down but the cruel jockeys show no mercy beating them with their whips to make the horses keep up the momentum.

    I would be very surprised if all FIVE (5) horses survived this incident (such incidents are common in racing) and i hate to think of the trauma, fear and pain they suffered.

    Blatant animal cruelty on public display.
    This is horseracing.

  3. My heart breaks for the HORSES — the Onlookers do NOT realize what suffering Horses are undergoing — the Spectators do NOT know what goes on behind the scenes — SHUT DOWN brutally cruel racket of Horseracing

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