Victim #5: Code of Kings Suffered Broken Neck Saturday at Churchill

And another one. According to the chart, Code of Kings was “scratched” by the vet before the 10th race at Churchill Saturday night. Turns out, trainer Tim Glyshaw says, Code had flipped in the paddock no fewer than three times. When “blood began coming out of his mouth,” Code was sent to Rood and Riddle, where he was diagnosed with a broken neck and euthanized. “A tragic thing,” laments Glyshaw (DRF).

In the biggest, most important week of the year for both Churchill Downs and U.S. Racing at large, when vigilance is supposed to be at its absolute zenith, five horses have perished. What more is there to say?

Wild On Ice, Apr 27, Churchill T – “injured, euthanized”
Code of Kings, Apr 29, Churchill R – “flipped: broken neck”
Parents Pride, Apr 29, Churchill R – “collapsed and died”
Take Charge Briana, May 2, Churchill R – “fell, euthanized”
Chasing Artie, May 2, Churchill R – “collapsed and died”

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  1. It’s possible that there will be horses breaking down on the Saturday race card at Churchill Downs and it will be televised. I wonder who is in charge of defending the horror on Derby day? Frank Sumpter could give a vomit-worthy “sermon” and some people would eat it up like ice cream.


    • NBC So-Called Sports is officially in charge of carnage cover-ups on Derby Death Day. And they’re fully prepared for any (more) disasters to racing’s already-decimated public image. In fact, I’m pretty sure Tim Layden has already drafted his syrupy, weepy puff piece about all the “heartbreak” the totally-unforeseen, not-predictable-at-all horse fatalities will cause to the victims’ human connections. (Saves a “journalist” time when he only has to fill in a couple blanks to complete his story — and meet his DEADLINE.)

      • CBS MORNING NEWS reported on the Derby Week Mystery. The man said 4 (four) horses died at Churchill Downs and didn’t bother to name any of the horses by name. He did talk about Saffie Joseph, Jr. and that if Saffie doesn’t know what caused his two horses to die, then it really is a mystery.
        So this theme of ‘TOTALLY-UNFORESEEN AND NOT-PREDICTABLE-AT-ALL’ is being promoted and perpetuated at CBS as well for the big day of horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing activities this Saturday at Churchchill Downs.

  2. Has this ever happened before? So many horses dead who were lined up to be in the Kentucky Derby? I don’t think so but not sure. Anyone know? I guess at this rate we will see a death or two in the Derby.

    • Carolyn, of those 5 dead horses, only Wild On Ice was to be a Derby starter. But of course (and I know you fully agree), that does not make Code of Kings, Parents Pride, Take Charge Briana or Chasing Artie less worthy of life and love. The racing industry and its fans think it’s only the “elite” who are deserving of recognition (in life and in death) – but the truth is they all are of immeasurable worth.

  3. Remember the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones? Perhaps we should call the race this year “the Red Derby.”

  4. Please take a look at Code of Kings’ PP’s – he was a horse begging to be rescued from his torment that was racing.

    I know I’ve said it before but I can’t help but say it again for Code of Kings – oh I PRAY there’s a heaven for animals…with endless pastures for all equines to graze in peace.

    I’m so sorry, Code of Kings. You mattered and we won’t stop trying. 💔

    • Just looked. Took all of two minutes to see what absolute MONSTERS his owners are.
      Ironhorse Racing Stable LLC? You guys pick your stupid name because you think your victims are made entirely of iron, maybe?
      (News Flash, geniuses: They are not. They are living, feeling, breathing beings — until you kill them, you sick ogres.)

        • Well done, Wanda! I just don’t have the stomach right now to dig further and see how many other horses who “love to race” these shitheads have tortured to death.

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