Take Charge Briana Killed at Churchill Today

As Kentucky Derby week continues at Churchill, so does the destruction of innocent beings. In the 5th today, Take Charge Briana went down and according to multiple sources was euthanized on the track. She was just three years old.

It’s quick, but you’ll get the point…

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  1. She’s barely three first of all, prior in her short life ….she had already had a prior “VANNED OFF” in her short life. WTF?

    • They sent her out again knowing full well that she was likely to break down and die. It says it all, Bonnie.

  2. I was eating when I watched the video and I about threw up. I would like to force people to watch a compilation of videos just like this BEFORE they enter the track to bet. Disgusting!

  3. It is totally sickening to watch such a precious horse being injured and sacrificing their life just to make some money for their greedy and selfish owners. I also want to know when this will ever stop?

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